Freddy's Nightmares

Season 2 Episode 10

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1989 on



  • Trivia

    • Near the end, when Patti is closing the double doors, a cameraman's shadow is visible on the wall when the shot pulls back.

    • Judging by Patty's toys in Bloodline, one would assume that the episode takes place in the '80s -- but posters of Jon Bon Jovi are prominently featured in this episode, leading to some reasonable doubt about the time-line (since this is supposed to be more than a decade later).

    • Although more than a decade is supposed to have passed between this episode and Bloodline, they made no visible attempt to age Chris Nash (Jack Burton).

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    • Jeannine Lewis (the mother) is an (currently mine) English teacher at Antioch High School in California.

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