Freddy's Nightmares

(ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Life Sentence
      Life Sentence
      Episode 22
      This episode is centered on Andy Caulfield, a prisoner who is about to get parole, until he is faced with a prison counselor who also happens to be a relative of one of his victims. The second half of this episode centers on Warden Hendler, who is using prisoners as Guinea pigs to test a new drug for extracting vital information. However the experiment backfires with drastic results.moreless
    • Prisoner of Love
      Prisoner of Love
      Episode 21
      This episode is about a priest who is giving the last rites to a woman on death row. She manages to seduce him and he plans an unimaginable escape from the death house with a tragic ending. The second episode is centered on Violet Rodriguez as she tries to escape the same way Brenda Vincent tried, hopefully with better results.moreless
    • Dust To Dust
      Dust To Dust
      Episode 20
      In this follow-up to PrimeCut, three recovering cannibals have an unfortunate relapse and wind up eating an intruder who's been afflicted with a strange disease.
    • A Family Affair
      A Family Affair
      Episode 19
      After Paul scorns his lover, Claire, he resorts to drastic measures to ensure his family never learns of their affair. Later a guilt-ridden man who's trying to reconcile with his son learns that it's not possible to cheat death.
    • Funhouse
      Episode 18
      In this follow-up to Welcome To Springwood, a couple moves into a house that's allegedly haunted, but after a few strange occurrences, the wife realizes who the ghost is. Later another couple moves into the house and form a most unusual relationship with the moving man.
    • Interior Loft - Later
      In this follow-up to Interior Loft, an artist (Robert F. Lyons) fakes his own death to both increase the value of his work and avoid prosecution for the accidental death of one of his models. Trapped in his apartment, he becomes stir crazy and accuses his wife (Fabiana Udenio) of having an affair.
      Later, two ladies (Leslie Bega, Tory Polone) reluctantly agree to let a guy (Dean Fortunato) move into their loft, and he quickly begins playing them both.moreless
    • Interior Loft
      Interior Loft
      Episode 16
      After Kim leaves her job to pursue her dream of writing a novel, her husband, David, convinces her to make an erotic recording on a 976 number to bring in extra cash. But Kim starts to have a mental breakdown when an obsessed caller begins murdering. Meanwhile, after reading Kim's manuscript, David wonders if Kim has herself assumed the murderous, sexually deviant personality of the heroine of her novel.moreless
    • Prime Cut
      Prime Cut
      Episode 15
      During a camping trip, a female tracker's strange behavior leads the men to believe that she may be a vampire. Later, plane crash survivors are forced to eat the corpses of the dead to survive. As the fiancé of one survivor desperately searches for the wreckage, an escaped convict also wanders through the mountains. This episode is followed by Dust to Dust.moreless
    • Easy Come, Easy Go
      Easy Come, Easy Go
      Episode 14
      In this follow-up to Lucky Stiff, Greta, who has already murdered to avoid sharing her first husband's lottery winnings, devises a plan to rub out her current husband. Later Greta finds out a deep, dark family secret when her sister Peggy drops in with her new husband for a surprise visit.moreless
    • What You Don't Know Can Kill You
      A lecherous psychiatrist who hypnotizes and seduces his female patients is caught in the act by a colleague, so he hatches a devious plot to get out of doing time. Meanwhile, a man who accidentally murdered is convinced by his girlfriend to undergo surgery to alter his appearance... but the face they choose also belongs to a mobster.moreless
    • It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To
      In this follow-up to Photo Finish, a phony psychic trance channeler (Gwen Banta) finds that her act isn't quite so fake when she channels the spirit of Freddy Krueger. Meanwhile, Freddy makes a surprise appearance at his 20th high school reunion to take revenge on the prom date who scorned him.moreless
    • Dreams That Kill
      Dreams That Kill
      Episode 11
      In this follow-up to Dream Come True, Charlie Nichels, the new host of "Springwood Confidential," receives a warning from Freddy not to proceed with his latest show topic: Dreams That Kill.
      Meanwhile, a doctor performs an experimental brain matter transplantation surgery on a patient that results in the man awakening with another man's personality -- and dreams.moreless
    • Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?
      In this follow-up to Bloodlines, Lisa reluctantly agrees to babysit for the Burtons, not knowing that their deranged daughter is being held captive in the cellar. Meanwhile, the distraught mother of a missing girl takes in a psychotic runaway who she comes to believe is really her daughter.
    • Monkey Dreams
      Monkey Dreams
      Episode 9
      Scientist Joe is fighting the clock to make contact with alien life before his mobster bookie comes to call. Meanwhile his co-worker (Sharon Mahoney) is testing the communicative skills of an intelligent chimpanzee, but her tyrannical boss seems to be more interested in torturing the animal than conducting legitimate research.
    • Bloodlines
      Episode 8
      An escaped convict returns home to retrieve his stolen loot, but he finds that his wife has gone loony and his son is unforgiving. Meanwhile, a couple illegally adopts a baby, but as the girl grows, they come to the realization that she may be evil. Followed by Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?.moreless
    • Silence is Golden
      After accidentally assaulting a mime, obnoxious radio DJ Rick Rake is tormented by the mime. Meanwhile it turns out that the mime is also a burglar who learns that the last people he robbed were also killed.
    • Lucky Stiff
      Lucky Stiff
      Episode 6
      After a lotto-obsessed man (David L. Lander) suddenly dies, his widow (Mary Crosby) realizes that he purchased a winning lottery ticket... though she thinks it may have been buried with him. Meanwhile, a grave digger (Tracey Walter) resorts to blackmail to win over the woman of his dreams. This episode is followed by Easy Come, Easy Go.moreless
    • Memory Overload
      Memory Overload
      Episode 5
      Professor Windom is a man with a drinking problem. But he has to get over his fears, and quickly, as a former student of his is in a lot of problems and needs his help. The second half of this episode is about Barbara, who is a bitch at work. She starts getting stressed out when her computer starts talking to her and believes she's going to be in trouble with the cops for tax evasion. Unwittingly she jumps into her computer to stop the certain file from being saved.moreless
    • Photo Finish
      Photo Finish
      Episode 4
      A down on her luck photographer (Patty McCormack) gets some unexpected help from Freddy during her latest photo shoot. Meanwhile, three FBI agents investigating a family homicide learn that they can't arrest the final victim's killer. Followed by It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To.
    • Welcome to Springwood
      When a young couple move to Springwood, a mix-up with the movers results in them receiving someone else's box's... which are filled with objects that presumably belong to a serial killer. Meanwhile a woman discovers a stack of 19th century love letters hidden in a secret panel in her new flat, and she becomes enthralled by the love triangle of the author.moreless
    • Heartbreak Hotel
      Heartbreak Hotel
      Episode 2
      A sleazy tabloid reporter is sent to Springwood to investigate an Elvis sighting, where he discovers that the phony stories he writes are becoming reality. Meanwhile, as fragments of an amnesiac's memories resurface, he ponders if it's possible that he committed murder.
    • Dream Come True
      Dream Come True
      Episode 1
      Psychotherapist Brandon Kefler tries to help a boy (David Kaufman) who's suffering from nightmares of Freddy, but the plan backfires when Freddy winds up in Kefler's head too. Meanwhile, a cameraman is determined to prove the existence of Freddy, but he winds up personally involved in his own news story. Followed by Dreams That Kill.moreless
  • Season 1