Freddy's Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 3

Killer Instinct

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1988 on

Episode Recap

Christina Gordon (Lori Petti) is living in the shadow of her late mother, a star marathon runner. When Chris loses a race to Nickie Ryan, Coach Wilson cuts her from the team, insisting the teen doesn't want to be a winner. She talks to her boyfriend, David Morris, and returns to the coach the next day, suited up and ready to run. Coach Wilson gives her a crystal talisman that belonged to Mrs. Gordon, and tells Chris that her mother used to stare at it before a race, visualize herself winning, and she always won. Chris follows this instruction and finds that she's 'a bullet,' 'a missile,' 'a rocket to the moon!' Later, at lunch, sleazy Marvin the lunch-man comes on to her and Chris stares into the crystal. Moments later, Morris cuts off his own fingers in a meat slicer. Back at the track, she again gazes into the crystal and finds herself winning a race. As she boasts about her win to David in the next class, Mr. Birdwell reprimands her, so she gazes into the stone and envisions Birdwell barfing up cotton, which he was giving a speech about. Suddenly Birdwell is dead on the floor. Chris confesses her guilt about the incidents to David, who assures her that she wasn't responsible. The next day, it's another race against Nickie, but this time, Chris's crystal is missing. David convinces her to run anyway, and it looks like she just may beat Nickie. But as she crosses the finish line, she's decapitated by it. In reality, however, she hit the finish line and it broke her neck. A smug Nickie returns to her gym locker, where the crystal's hanging safely inside. That night, Chris visits David in a dream, tells him that Nickie was responsible for her death, and makes him promise to make her pay. Nickie, meanwhile, is having a rough time herself. She's overcome with guilt, and everywhere she looks, she sees Chris. This escalates when she arrives home, where her parents are hosting a dinner party, and her father insists that she's on drugs. A few days later, David sneaks into her bedroom, reveals that he knows what she did to Chris, and announces that a trophy on her shelf should have Chris's name on it. Nickie becomes irate and beats him with the trophy but, after the blood's splattered everywhere, she realizes that she just murdered her own boyfriend by bludgeoning him to death with the trophy.