Freddy's Nightmares

(ended 1990)


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  • Never seen it, wish I could.

    OK, I admit, I've never seen this show. I mean, it started before I was even born! But still, anything that has Freddy Krueger in it has to be good! So, just becayse I am a Freddy Krueger fanatic, I'm giving this full marks! If anyone knows where I can get DVDs or even VHSs of the series, please e-mail me.
  • freddys nightmare

    i remember this show still to this day and im only 22 , i was a kid watching this with my dad and freddy use to say call toll free win prizes.. it was a good show.. to me it was. but i saw an episode of this other night and look back at and really wasn't that great. but i would love this show to come on dvd. bring it to dvd land
  • I liked it because it showed Freddy at the beginning, and told a little bit more about him from what the movies said.

    They had him in the first episode getting burned by the neighbors, since he killed kids and showed how he got burned and how he made his glove with the knives. I don't think that was ever shown, before this. I know it was shown later during Freddy Vs. Jason. I wasn't a huge Nightmare fan, but I did like the show, it was like short stories of the movies. I think it was also true to the movies as well, it was good writing and good acting. I'm not sure if it was Robert England who played Freddy in the TV show, as he did in the movies, but if it was someone different they did a good job too.
  • One two Freddy's coming for you


    I have always been a fan the Nightmare on Elm street movies and the show is actually a good example of classic horror.I mean they even got Robert Englund to play Freddy in the show as well and that rare having the original actor from the movies to play his character on a tv show.the first episode actually shows Freddy getting burned an killed before he became the dream stalker slasher psycho path.The series is a mix of Nightmare on elm street mixed with Tales from the crypt with every episode having a shocking horror story to scare the pants of you. I have to give Wes Craven and Robert Englund credit for doing a bang up job for making such scary horror icon and Robert Englund for playing the part so well.

  • Horrible

    I just recently saw the show, seriously just stick to the movies.