Freddy's Nightmares

Season 1 Episode 7

Sister's Keeper

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1988 on



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    • Picking up where the story left off in No More Mr. Nice Guy, which was a prequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street, the events in this episode should take place before the first film. However, in addition to late '80s hairstyles and clothing, hanging in the bedroom of the Blocker twins is a poster for Madonna's "True Blue" album, which was released in 1986, two years after the release of the first ANOES, which can be dated to 1984 by Nancy's viewing of Evil Dead and a poster on her wall of the band The Police. Also, a "Smoking Stinks" poster seen on the wall at the Blocker's school is a PSA poster that circulated sometime in the late '80s.

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    • This is the first sequel episode within the series. It soon became commonplace for Freddy's Nightmares to have sets of two episodes that were linked by the same characters.

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