Fred's head

Season 1 Episode 25

Blow Out Sale

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 29, 2008 on TELETOON
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Episode Summary

Blow Out Sale
Against a backdrop of memories evoked by Fred's friends, Carol organizes a garage sale and sells Anemone an object containing a love letter from Fred to Anette.
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (8)

      • In this episode Jody and Penelope tell eachother their top ten lists. Jody's number 1 cow moment was when she didn't let penlope into the closet during the episode "Rodent Terror", while Penelope's number one stupid moment was when she was picking up dog turds in the episode "The Make-up Sausage."

      • Fred's thought for the day "Seems like when we're in love, we could live on love and fresh water alone. In my case, at the moment, it's more like a cold shower."

      • In the background at the hospital where Benji has taken Penelope, we see two more staffers from Spectravision, Dr. Hartman (Tamara's father), the patient in the hospital gown with no underwear, another Fred's head staffer, the grandmother of the plastic surgeon from "Pretty in your Skin" who looks like a young Vouge model but can't move her face, Sly the director of "Fred's Head" as a hospital orderly pushing another staffer in a wheelchair.

      • Along with Fabienne Ledger, Carol Schwartz (Fred's Mom) now knows Annette likes Fred.

      • If you pay close attention to the people in the background, you will see animated versions of the production staff and artists who create Fred's Head.

      • Gregory recounts all of his failed romances from the past season (Fatima Ledger, Clementine, Sophie Goodheart, Jeanette/Jeane-Beatrice the allergic bride)while playing the accordion. The tune he plays is the background music to the Fred's Head videogame "Buck Naked at St. Jude's" on the Teletoon website.

      • The silly love theme plays in this episode when Annette looks at the Christmas picture of Fred wearing the corny elf ears his mom made.

      • In this episode we are treated with a bunch of flashbacks from earlier episodes--something that is rather common in many shows late in the season. As a precursor to this, in the opening segment, G.G. channel surfs and sees reruns of a number of TV shows that were watched by Fred or the other characters earlier in the season (Capt. Splendid, the Loft Story parody, Pubescent Boy's Universe and the poor bald girl that wants the Hollywood dream wedding, etc.) Fred then somewhat hurriedly plays TO THE CAMERA and the audience and says the following "Actually I like reruns. We're on familiar ground. Sometimes it feels good to revist some of our favourite moments." They then both grin and give thumbs up to the viewers.

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    • NOTES (1)

      • This episode features a multitude of recollitions from past episodes by various characters. This is much like the old late-in-the-season "clip shows" that many sit-coms like Happy Days or Married With Children. have done over the years.

        Fred thinks of all the qualities of Anette he finds attractive while a slideshow of clips featuring the two together is shown

        Fab and Anette think back to when Fred was with Tamara and Fanny

        Benji thinks of the good times he had with Fred when they were young.

        G.G. sings a song abotu all the Girls he fell in love with in season 1

        Penelope counts down Jody's top 10 cow moments from past episodes, while Jody counts down Penelopie's top 10 airheaded moments/ comments

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Anemone Worrynaut's bulletin board with various pictures of Fred, strings linking different pictures and comments, etc. are a reference to two recent TV Shows: Heroes (Sylar's Map/links copied from Chandra Suresh) and Life (Charlie Crews group of pictures and news articles he was using to figure out who framed him.)

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