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  • Season 1
    • Surprise Sixteen!
      Surprise Sixteen!
      Episode 26
      SEASON ONE FINALE: When their car breaks down in the countryside, GG and Fab let slip to Fred that a surprise party is being organized for his 16th birthday. He refuses to attend until he finds out Annette is invited. But will Penelope spoil Fred's chance to finally open up to Annette?moreless
    • Blow Out Sale
      Blow Out Sale
      Episode 25
      Against a backdrop of memories evoked by Fred's friends, Carol organizes a garage sale and sells Anemone an object containing a love letter from Fred to Anette.
    • Minor Runaway
      Minor Runaway
      Episode 24
      After an earthquake, Fred and Penelope find themselves locked in a broom closet. While Fred is forced to endure Penelope's vapid company, his disappearance begins to worry his frantic mother. Meanwhile Fabienne is trying to find out what is bugging Anette
    • Like Rats
      Like Rats
      Episode 23
      Fred goes to a summer camp, but it seems that the kids that go there are encouraged to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! However, Fred figures out quickly that something weird is afoot.
    • Fred's Roller Blading Daze
      Fred has a new crush on a roller-blading instructor working at the same park that Fred is now working at. However, Fred's mom thinks his sudden chipper behaviour is due to consuming some kind of illegal substance.
    • The Make-up Sausage
      When Fred rescues Nino O'Neil (the kid in the weird space suit with all of the bizarre allergies) from being harrassed by Manny Escobar and Yohan Chabot, Nino decides Fred is his Friend for life. However, G.G. becomes jealous and doesn't like it one bit!
    • Within a Hair's Breadth of Happiness
      While in the hospital with a broken leg, Fred contracts a dreaded C-baldy bacteria infection which threatens to leave him completely hairless. Fred also begins to suspect that a mysterious nurse is sneaking into his room at night and watching him as he sleeps.
    • The Analgesic of Apocolypse
      Jealous of the two couples and not liking Fred, Jody Goodheart tries to break up Fred and Tamara. Meanwhile, G.G. buys two love birds, but gets rid of one of them. Lastly, Fred reads a fortune cookie that tells him this will be his worst week ever. Fred winds up in the hospital where he has a revelation.moreless
    • The Benji Method
      The Benji Method
      Episode 18
      In order to avoid potential conflicts with Tamara, Fred uses a technique that his friend Benji Hooper uses all the time with Penelope Trueheart: it mainly consists of answering all questions "yes" and "no" and switching them depending upon the girl's reaction. The method works at first, but soon things begin to go downhill for poor Fred!moreless
    • Half-Fried Herrings
      Fred takes on a job working for the Pyrowsky family's clown shop in order to raise money to take Tamara Hartman out for a nice dinner. However, in the process of working this job, he inadvertantly insults Tamara's mother and has to find some way to make amends.
    • Love Shakes
      Love Shakes
      Episode 16
      When Fred's parents, Carol and Paul LeBlanc leave the house to retrieve their trust in each other, Aunt Monique comes to keep an eye on Fred and Boom Mee, making some some weird changes in the LeBlanc's interior design. Meanwhile, Fred gets a job at the café where Tamara Hartman works, which leads to an unexpected shift in Fred's affections. Lastly, Penelope Truehart leaves her home because she doesn't like her mother's new husband.moreless
    • So Long Worrynaut
      So Long Worrynaut
      Episode 15
      On Halloween, Fred makes a wish that his nemesis, school psycho-psychologist Anemone Worrynaut would just disappear. Later in the day before having a Halloween party at his house, Fred spots Anemone Worrynaut being hauled into an ambulance looking quite dead. During the course of the party, several weird phone calls begin to make Fred wonder if somehow he is responsible for Worrynaut's demise.moreless
    • Fred TV
      Fred TV
      Episode 14
      A local reality TV show chooses to follow Fred for a few days in order to tape things about his life. While Fred disdains reality TV in general, he participates in order to show real people as opposed to the usual attention seekers that are shown. However, the show's unscrupulous director does a little creative editing, which leads Fred's friends and family to get the wrong idea about him.moreless
    • Pretty in Your Skin
      The annual St. Jude's School fair is held along with a big raffle. GG wins money to upgrade his big blue jalopy, while Fred ends up winning a certificate for free plastic surgery. This coincides with a number remarks about Fred's nose. Some of thee remarks make him wonder if improving his nose will help him win Annette, and he actually considers going under the knife.moreless
    • Madness at the Lake
      Thanks to the actions of an unknown person sending in an application, Fred is hired as counselor at a summer camp. Fred is not entirely happy about this until he finds out that Annette is one of the other counselors. However Fred's bliss is short lived when he finds out that his ex-girlfriend, the obsessive Fanny Cotton, is also a counselor at the camp.moreless
    • A Moldy Friendship
      A Moldy Friendship
      Episode 11
      In order to help Fred's mom get Fred to clean up his room, GG tells him that Annette needs to use his room for storing some of her older paintings. Seeing another opportunity to get close to Annette, Fred goes nuts cleaning up his room, only to find out from Fabienne that Annette had sold all those paintings. After discovering his friend's deception, Fred wants nothing to do with GG, calling him "moldy" and storming out of the Pyrowsky clown store seemingly for good. Will Fred and GG make up, or will he find another best bud to hang with?moreless
    • One Red Hair Away From Love
      A new student, Fanny Cotton, has come to attend St. Jude's and she takes an immediate liking to Fred. Drawn in by her kisses and the lack of action he's received from Annette, Fred ends up becoming her de facto boyfriend before fully getting to know Fanny. Fred realizes his mistake as Fanny begins to smother him and become more and more obsessive.moreless
    • Spills of the Heart
      G.G. has become infatuated with a very attractive distant cousin of Fabienne's. He tries to talk Fabienne into hosting a party as a ruse to get to meet her. Fabienne is not intersted in doing such a thing until Fred asks her to as well. Fred is hoping that since Annette goes to all the parties hosted by St. Jude's students, it will give him a chance to get close to her. While G.G. hits it off with Fabienne's cousin, Annette comes in with another guy she's just started dating. Meanwhile, Fred becomes drunk thanks to a prank played on him by two party crashers.moreless
    • Rodent Terror
      Rodent Terror
      Episode 8
      The St. Jude's High basketball team has a hazing tradition for all rookie players: all new team members must completely shave their bodies, including their heads, legs and nether regions. Fred has no interest in partaking of this tradition as he is very fond of his thick, black, curly hair on his head. During his efforts to avoid becoming a victim of this ritual, a massive pack of squirrels, displaced from their home thanks to nearby construction, go on a rampage at St. Judes, forcing Fred and many of his classmates into hiding.moreless
    • A Christmas Carol
      Between the abject commercialism of the holiday and his overbearing Mother's annoying holiday tradition of having the whole family wear elf-ears, Fred is fed up and decides to bail on his family's holiday celebration. However, between his friend Fabienne's loneliness and some detailed conversations with a homeless man, Fred decides there is some value to the holiday after all and ends up inviting them to come celebrate at his house.moreless
    • Life is a Highway
      Fred wants to schedule a camping trip with his friends Fabienne Ledger and G.G. Pyrowsky. However, a miscommunication at his home causes his mother to think it is a family trip and they all go along. To top it off, Penelope Trueheart, girlfriend of Fred's basketball team-mate Benji John Hooper ends up tagging along as well. Thanks to G.G.'s poor sense of direction, he, Fred, Fabienne and Penelope end up separated from Fred's parents and younger brother, have to stay the night at a local trailer park/campground and end up having to split on the bill. Mayhem and hilarity ensues!!!moreless
    • Business is Business
      Fred's buddy GG Pyrowsky gets the chance to go on a date with a new love interest. In order to help his friend out, Fred covers GG's workshift at his family's clown/convenience store. During his shift, a corrupt Quebec Health Inspector seeking a bribe shows up. When Fred doesn't pay the bribe, the health inspector tries to force the Pyrowskys to close their shop for trumped up health code violations. However, Fred and Fabienne end up catching the Health Inspector on hidden camera and foil his evil plans!moreless
    • Dear Madame Butterfly
      Fred ends up in a position to help his secret crush, Annette Freeze-Drigh, paint a mural. However, when he gets caught going through Anemone Worrynaut's student psychological files trying to find out if St' Jude's infamous hermaphrodite, Panook Titouk, is male or female. As punishment for invading others' privacy, Fred is forced to help take care of his elderly and somewhat senile Japanese neighbor, Madame Butterfly. Between preventing her from wandering off and trying to take care of his other reponsibilities, Fred ends up standing up Annette and kills his chances of getting with her later.moreless
    • Joy Incarnate
      Joy Incarnate
      Episode 3
      Fred is revolted about how prevalent ads and commercials have become in the minutiae of daily life. The opportunity to take an acting course with his secret crush Annette comes up. However, when he takes the course hoping he will get the opportunity to express his feelings to Annette, he ends up being cast in a commercial.moreless
    • Move On, There's Nothing To See!
      Fred gets the opportunity to work on promoting an art exhibit presented by his secret crush Annette Freeze-Drigh. However, when his best friend Fabienne convinces him to make a gory promotional video to attract attention to the exhibit, it gets foot traffic into her exhibit, but doesn't exactly get Fred in good with Annette.moreless
    • Life Through Rose Coloured Glasses
      (a/k/a/ "In The Pink")

      We're introduced to Fred LeBlanc, his best friends Gregory Gilbert (a/k/a G.G.) and Fabienne, to Fred's secret crush--the artistic Annette Freeze-Dright, and to his nemesis, the psychotic school psychologist Anemone Worrynaut. Anemone Worrynaut's unhealthy obsession with Fred LeBlanc as a potential case study begins here. She thinks Fred is depressed and thus tries to transform St. Jude's High School into what she believes to be the perfect environment for a teenager--with disastrous and hilarious results!moreless
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