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    Hello everyone, from the looks of it, you've all lost interest, and it seems it's my turn to do the same. Consider this my unofficial abandonment of the show. Let's face it guys, it's been neary 2 years since the show was pulled, and with little sign of recovery, I think it's needless to say theres nothing left. I loved the show, and still think about it to this day, and though we've all had our good times with the show, it's time to move on. I'm really sorry Fred's Head had to go under like this, and I'm gonna miss sitting down at my T.V. every Sunday at 8:00 for the next new episode. It's been a pleasure knowing and talking to all of you on the boards, and in the unlikely event the show makes some sort of return, I'll be looking forward to talking with you again. Thanks and goodbye everyone.
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