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Sunday 8:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Jan 26, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • amazing

    a great show with interesting characters, good dialog and a decent plot
  • A decent show that deserves another season.

    I have to say when I saw the first episode of Fred's Head I was not impressed. But then at the second episode the show got fair and slowly from that it got better and better. Although I sometime have a little problem with understanding exactly what the characters are saying this show is still enjoyable. This show has a lot of things that other kid's cartoon don't which I REALLY enjoy. The writing is smart and original which is what I like but I which more episodes had more "interesting" things in it. Overall this is a great show and I suggest you check out the show on Youtube and you see what you think of it. :)
    I will watch a season 2!
  • The Provocative comedy Fred's Head takes us for a spin into the life of a teenage boy. the normal stuff. or at least fred's version of normal anyway. but hes not in it alone, a whole cast of friends join him in his everyday life and the teen experience.

    When I first saw the commercial of the show in January, I had my doubts, and then I sat down and watched it. I was instantly inticed by the witty, sarcastic, blase' main character and his somewhat strange friends and the situations they got themselves into. The first episode I ever saw was "Joy Incarnate", The first episode aired. It was my favorite episode for the whole season. As a matter of fact, My top 10 favorite episode list, which I will make many references to in my reveiws, is:
    10.Fred T.V.
    9.A Moldy friendship
    8.Pretty in your skin
    7.Life is a Highway
    6.Move on, There's nothing to see!
    5.Spills of the Heart
    4.Joy Incarnate
    3.Analgesic of the Apocolypse
    2.Surprise Sixteen!
    1.Minor Runaway/ Blow out sale (couldn't decide). Although I have to admit, The commercial did seem to me like this show was a little strange, But as soon as I saw the first episode, I soon realized that it was an amusing and clever show.

    I really enjoy the Fred's Head moments(for those of you who dont know, A Fred's Head moment is one of those little imaginative segments from inside Fred's mind.).in my opinion, the deepest, most thought provoking moments of the like are:
    5.Love Shakes- Trains full of Anettes constantly go in and out of an abandoned station until one, carrying Tamara comes by and drops her off. The two realize they're in love.
    This scene is meant to tell the audience that Fred has found new love among all his thoughts of Anette.

    4.Move on, There's Nothing to See!- Fred is in a rather surreal looking environment, with checkered tiles as the flooring and floating paintings of Anette fill the air. Anette comes out of a canvas in the center of the room and kisses Fred. This scene not-so subtly introduces the audience to Fred's desire for Anette. 3.Joy Incarnate- Benji and fred are in the basketball court. benji throws the cheap cellphone at fred to show his anger, just as Anette is crushed by a large cellphone from a billboard and seemingliy is killed. Fred watches the pile of rubble and smiles and is also crushed by the remainder of the cellphone.

    2.Joy Incarnate- Fred and Anette are seated at a classy restaurant table. Anette proclaims her love for Fred only to be seemeingly blandly responded to by Fred and angrily slaps him for his ignorance. this moment means to tell the audience what Fred thinks will happen if he does't learn to express himself.

    1.Move on, There's nothing to See!- Fred is seated at the cafe watching angry people storm out of the place dissapointed by the exhibition. Anette, and all of her self portraits begin to cry, flooding the cafe and drowning Fred in her tears. This exceptionally deep scene means to tell the audience that Fred has realized that it will be all his fault when everyone hates the art exhibition and how he will let Anette down.

    This thoughtful, clever, as well as very humourous and fun show sheds new light upon the minds of teens and is definitley my all time favorite show.