Free Agents

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 14, 2011 on NBC

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  • It's not The Office and it's not that funny. At least I laughed at some scenes, some stupid scenes that were funny, and sometimes even creepy!


    I like Hank Azaria. I like his work in The Simpsons where he portrays many of my beloved characters. I was looking forward to see him in comedy series in person, not drawn as cartoon character. And after the first episode of Free Agents, I think I'd like to see him at least couple times more. The plot of the series isn't that great. It's not The Office and it's not that funny. At least I laughed at some scenes, some stupid scenes that were funny, and sometimes even creepy! There are some interesting funny characters like Greg, Emma, and Stephen. Uh, and let's not forget Walter. I know they're not funny enough, but there are enough characters to spread the story and make it exciting if it's needed to.
    But the pilot was weak, just like the ratings. Maybe it will gain it momentum but airing after Up All Night makes it harder to survive. I certainly will come back to see at least next two episodes, but I'm not sure I'll stick to it, especially when you know the competition on Wednesdays. One thing that I know for sure is that this isn't the series that would make NBC's comedy night bloom. If it last more than its original UK predecessors which aired for six episodes it would be considered a success for them.

  • Not Here for Your Personal Problems.


    I didn't think this show looked good at all, and to be honest I only watched the pilot because it was on after Up All Night, but I have to say, I didn't hate this show as much as I thought.

    First of all, I loved all the scenes with Natasha aka Emma, the Assistant. I'm a big fan of her in general, and I did think her character was the most interesting in the show. I also liked the main girl telling off the guy who works at the grocery store.

    I did think that the 2 main characters did have chemistry.

    All that said, it wasn't that memorable, I only learned 1 person's name. All the guys are douches, and one dimensional. And while, Hank is relatable for me, because he's profoundly sad, but still keep his sense of "humor". They also rely to much on the audience intensely caring about the relationships that we just were introduced to.

    All and all, I think this has potential, but they really have to work on it.

  • You know that feeling when you're tired and someone says something stupid so you reply with an equally stupid joke? Those are the jokes made on this show.


    'Not funny' wouldn't even cover half of the supposed jokes on this show. It doesn't help that I find neither stars to be funny or charming but none of the characters are interesting enough to want to spend time with.
    There are the standard roles of assistant, boss and best friend and all of them are written in the cliche way but without any potential of being funny. Anyone can reproduce but the trick is to make them lovable and entertaining.
    Free Agents doesn't even try. Everyone just rambles without any substance and none of it is even slightly comedic. I'm not sure what the show's title references to but it might be to the agents the network approached to find comedy writers.
    Not to say that Free Agents was the worst thing to come across my eyes. It's just really bad. Both leads are extremely pathetic and annoying. It's tough to not like a main character that's pining over her dead husband but this show makes it particularly easy. Not to mention that crying men are not comfortable to watch for anyone.
    No, consider this show one of the worst contributions to the new fall season. But with my track record that probably means it'll be a huge hit. Either way, I'll go out of my way to never see this show again.

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