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A fictional talk radio station in Los Angeles is the setting for this improvised comedy show, about a dimwitted intern who becomes a surprise hit as host of "Moron in the Morning."

    VH1 slate adds dash of Salt 'N' Pepa

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    • This show is hilarious, more people need to get on the Free Radio bandwagon. Lance Krall plays this moronic radio host and interviews a ton of celebrities, except he knows nothing about their work and asks the most innaproppriate questions.moreless

      This show is hilarious, more people need to get on the Free Radio bandwagon. Lance Krall plays this moronic radio host and interviews a ton of celebrities (John Stamos last week!) except he knows nothing about their work and asks the most innaproppriate questions. When David Cook was on Lance asks him why American Idol always makes their contestants have gay hair. Too funny. The stuff that goes on in the station beyond the celebrity interviews is SO great. I am obsessed with Emo Sarah, the receptionist who loves when things go wrong. She's so funny. Entertainment Weekly gave this season a B+, which is pretty great (The Office has also been given the same score). Check it out! Thursday nights on vh1!moreless
    • Hilarious. A must-see new show.

      My friend introduced me to this show, and boy am I glad that she did. It's completely improvised, but still has great comic value. The awkward pauses are perfectly placed and all four main characters are funny. You'd think that "Emo" Sarah would be cheesy, just by the name, but not at all. She plays her character perfectly and has good anti-chemistry with the boss James. Lance, the show's star, asks really great random, ridiculous questions and is quick on his feet, rarely coming up with lame or stupid jokes. Anna is a great co-host for Lance. She's down-to-earth and serious, but at the same time she's also great at putting up with Lance. Of course Lance is a bit on the dim side, but he still seems pretty believeable compared to some of these other supposedly "funny" characters on other shows that end up acting way too unrealistically stupid and just seem lame. To top off it all off, the show actually has real celebrities come in to be interviewed. These are real celebrities too (like Kiefer Sutherland), not crappy D-list ones no one has ever heard of. A good laugh for anyone who likes fun, unique comedy. I know I'll be tuning in every week.moreless
    • A failing radio station DJ leaves unexpectedly, only to be replaced temporarily by loyal, but clueless, intern Lance. Now the ratings are rising because the show is a train-wreck.

      This show is funny, but I feel it will get old fast. It's essentially the same every week. Lance is funny, but one-dimensional, one of the reasons this show is mediocre. If this show would change it up a bit, maybe making Lance not so hard-headed, this show might work better. The celebrities that appear on this show... while most of them are well known, and liked, they often get people that I neither know, nor like. Free Radio isn't necessarily bad, it's just not brilliant. There are a few laugh-out-loud moments, and a little awkwardness. I would recommend this show for people who like mindless comedies that don't require much following.moreless
    • Never Heared Of It!

      I watched it the first time friday with my sister and it had us rolling! we sort of just stumbbled on it. watching best week ever and then we saw keifer sutherland from 24 and of course we weren't ganna turn so we watched it and laughed the whole time! and then a new one just happened to be coming on with Jack Colemam from Heroes next which was also funny! i never even heard of the show before that day never seen a chamerical or anything it was kind of like Aressted Development (So my sister says) and i really like it and i hope it don't go off becasue nobody has heard of it. i know if it gets most publicity alot of people would watch it. it's really funny!moreless

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