Free Radio

Season 1 Episode 1

Moron in the Morning

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Feb 03, 2008 on VH1

Episode Recap

The show opens with Anna welcoming back listeners to KBOM and introducing Kiefer Sutherland. Lance wants Kiefer to put on his headphones, but Kiefer prefers not to. Lance insists that he puts them on, but Kiefer still doesn't want to. Lance whispers into the microphone to prove a point to Kiefer, saying if he had his headphones on he'd have heard what he said. Kiefer finally gives in and puts on his headphones, then mouths something through the microphone. Lance says he can't hear it, but Anna lies and says she can, making Lance think his headphones aren't working correctly. After the opening theme, Lance and Anna return with Kiefer and talk about awesome 80's movies he's been in. Lance thinks Flatliners was Kiefer's best. He says he'd watch it with his friends while they'd "choke each other out," meaning make each other flat line. Anna says they aren't flat lining though, they're just passing out. Lance counters by asking why his friend had to give him mouth-to-mouth to wake him up if he had just passed out. Anna and Kiefer laugh, figuring out that Lance's friend had tricked him, but Lance never figures it out. James Reed, the Station Manager, is on the phone when "Emo" Sarah comes in and gives him some billboards of Lance's new talk show. James doesn't like her attitude, and then mentions that he'd like to speak to her about how she's dressed. She replies by saying she needs to talk to him about how he dresses. Back on the radio show, Kiefer says he won't be in any Lost Boys sequels. Lance then says Kiefer is good in horror movies because his face is scary. He says Kiefer has "Jeffrey Dahmer face". He adds that when he smiles he looks even creepier. They move on to talking about 24. Kiefer mentions the new female president and says that the show isn't going to deal with terrorists the same way as it has been. Lance says that's "okay" but they should find something totally different to do like capturing animals that escaped from a zoo. James is on the phone, saying that Lance's show is a train wreck, with a weathergirl and an intern on the air. He says he needs more time to find a replacement. He then goes off into an argument about what the word "legend" means and says he'll look it up on the Internet. The person on the phone hangs up on James. Lance welcomes back the listeners, but realizes their show has no name. Anna says they should make a name, but then Lance says everything he gives a name to dies. Anna welcomes Luis Guzman, who's on the phone. Lance asks who Luis is, then Anna shows him a picture and Lance says he knows who he is. Lance says Luis was good in Ghosts, but Luis says he wasn't in that movie. Lance continues to describe the movie as if Luis was in it and Luis keeps denying it. Luis gets mad and says he'll smack Lance if he ever meets him. James goes through a list of people Sarah was supposed to call to ask to be replacements for Lance and Anna. The list includes Craig Ferguson, Carson Daly, Alan Thicke, Wanda Sykes, and Dan Rather. Sarah says none of them want to do it. James then talks about the barrier Sarah puts up that he can't get through, but Sarah just looks at him weird so he goes back to the list. Angela Kinsey is the next guest on the radio show. Anna asks her if she's anything like her character on The Office and she says she hopes she isn't. Lance says he didn't like The Office at all when he first saw it because he thought it was a reality show, but he didn't know what they were trying to win. Angela tries to explain the show, but Lance still seems confused. He suggests a laugh track and says they should make the show like Friends but Anna and Angela clearly don't agree. James is on the phone again, explaining how good Billy Bush would be on their radio show. He says he just needs more time. He adds that he has a call in to Louie Anderson and sent a MySpace message to Dane Cook. The person on the other end hangs up. Back to Angela Kinsey. Anna mentions she grew up in Indonesia, then Angela gives examples of Bahasa Indonesia, the language of Indonesia. Lance asks her to say some swear words and she does, but then says that probably isn't a good representation of her knowledge of the language. Lance says he's done some research and found that The Office used to be shot in England. He asks Angela how she liked living in England, and if any of the show's stars are British. She says no and explains how the show just originated in England. Anna and Angela agree Lance has been very confused about Angela's show. Lance tells Sarah they need more straws, but she says that's not her job. He asks her why she acts like they're not friends anymore, but she says they were never friends. James walks in and says he needs to talk to Lance after his show…the one that he just missed his cue for. Lance runs off. Anna welcomes back the listeners and introduces the next guests, the cast of the play All About Walken, a tribute to Christopher Walken. She asks them to say some things in Christopher Walken's voice. They explain the way Christopher Walken talks and how his comma placement is random. Lance asks them to say things in Bill Cosby's voice instead, which everyone thinks is odd. They say the show is All About Walken, not All About Cosby. One of the show's members voices a douche commercial. They discuss some reviews they've had, then Lance interrupts with his own impression of Cosby. Everyone thinks his impression is bad, then Lance criticizes the play's cast members' appearances. One of them gives a Cosby impression, which Anna says was good, but Lance says wasn't. Lance does more Cosby impressions of his own, which are all very bad, but he thinks are great. He says the All About Walken members have an unfair advantage, then asks them to leave. Anna and Lance walk out into the hallway arguing, then Sarah says James wants to see them in his office. In James' office, Lance and Anna argue about the quality of Lance's Cosby impression. James says he has news. He congratulates them and says they have their own morning show. He shows them a billboard for the show, which will be called "Moron in the Morning". Lance loves the show's title, but says the billboard is missing a girl. Anna thinks he's talking about her and thanks him, but Lance says no, he wants a stripper with big boobs or something. Sarah is in the hallway, hanging up a sign with Lance and two big-boobed strippers on it. She makes a disgusted face and walks away.