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Free Ride is a partially improvised comedy that follows recent UC Santa Barbara graduate Nate Stahlings (Josh Dean) as he boomerangs home to move back in with his parents in their small Midwestern town, Johnson City, MO. Upon his return, he discovers his mom Margo (Loretta Fox) and dad Bob (Allan Havey) are knee-deep in marriage therapy and his bedroom has been turned into a gym. The good news is that Nate reconnects with cute former-classmate-turned-local-bank-teller Amber Danwood (Erin Cahill); the bad news is she's newly engaged. Nate also hooks up with Mark Dove (Dave Sheridan), a guy who peaked in high school and has been cruising downhill in his monster truck ever since. Dove takes Nate under his "wing" to show him the local party scene, which turns out to be way more mild than wild.
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  • Where have I seen this befor

    Free ride is nothing but a rip off of Arrested Development and the Office. Did Fox go to the producers and say can you give us a lame version of AD. The cast was lame, the improv seemed fed, and the writing was an all time low even for Fox. Allen Havey sucks as a stand up comedian and is even worse as an actor. Go sell shoes for Christ sake and leave the rest of us alone.

    The only smart thing Fox did with this show was cancel it befor the country was ankle deep in vomit.

    Hopefully this shows tapes are buried in some government warehouse next to the arc of the covenant.moreless
  • Free Ride, another one of FOX's attempts to come out with a new show, was actually one of their best shows. They really shouldn't have cancelled it.

    Free Ride was the type of show where you almost always had that feeling of "Don't do that!" I think everyone can relate to Nate in one way or another. He had a crush on a friend and he finds out she is marrying one of those guys you can only hate, the cocky rich type. This show really was good and I was surprised that it got cancelled. I really wish they hadn't cancelled it because the last episode really just opened the doors to a new situation. The show had so much left to do before it went off and I swear if I ever get rich I am going to restart the show. It was great and would have been big if FOX had advertised the show well.

    Free Ride is the ultimate underdog show. You have to love Nate.

    The only bad thing is that I never really liked Mark Dove and he was a big character. That's one of the few things I can say was bad about it.moreless
  • This show was about Nate who moved back in with his parents (their garage) after college and was in love with a girl named Amber. His parents were going through a separation/divorce and were always fighting and then making up.moreless

    This show is hilarious. What was Fox thinking when they cancelled it. Nate and his best friend Dove have the time of their lives. Dove works at a hardware store and loves to party at night, he is always getting Nate into trouble. Nate is also trying to get with his long time love, Amber, who is engaged to a jerk. Amber also has a crazy step-brother that is in love with her. Nate and the step-brother start a war over her. Nate's parents are extremely open and gross Nate out all the time, yet they are trying to get separated and/or divorced, it is a crazy good laugh. Bring it back Fox, bring it back.moreless
  • bring it back

    More Pictures Free Ride, a partially improvised comedy, chronicles recent UC Santa Barbara graduate Nate Stahlings (Josh Dean) as he moves back home with his parents to his small hometown of Johnson City, MO. Once home he struggles to find direction in his post-graduate life as he hooks up with former classmates Amber Danwood (Erin Cahill) and Mark Dove (Dave Sheridan).

  • pretty dumb

    i think they were trying to mix arrested development with that 70's show. it did not work. i watched the show once or twice and that was enough for me. i have heard it has been cancelled and i say good riddance. now if they could just come up with something to replace it with.
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