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  • Where have I seen this befor

    Free ride is nothing but a rip off of Arrested Development and the Office. Did Fox go to the producers and say can you give us a lame version of AD. The cast was lame, the improv seemed fed, and the writing was an all time low even for Fox. Allen Havey sucks as a stand up comedian and is even worse as an actor. Go sell shoes for Christ sake and leave the rest of us alone.

    The only smart thing Fox did with this show was cancel it befor the country was ankle deep in vomit.

    Hopefully this shows tapes are buried in some government warehouse next to the arc of the covenant.
  • Free Ride, another one of FOX's attempts to come out with a new show, was actually one of their best shows. They really shouldn't have cancelled it.

    Free Ride was the type of show where you almost always had that feeling of "Don't do that!" I think everyone can relate to Nate in one way or another. He had a crush on a friend and he finds out she is marrying one of those guys you can only hate, the cocky rich type. This show really was good and I was surprised that it got cancelled. I really wish they hadn't cancelled it because the last episode really just opened the doors to a new situation. The show had so much left to do before it went off and I swear if I ever get rich I am going to restart the show. It was great and would have been big if FOX had advertised the show well.
    Free Ride is the ultimate underdog show. You have to love Nate.
    The only bad thing is that I never really liked Mark Dove and he was a big character. That's one of the few things I can say was bad about it.
  • This show was about Nate who moved back in with his parents (their garage) after college and was in love with a girl named Amber. His parents were going through a separation/divorce and were always fighting and then making up.

    This show is hilarious. What was Fox thinking when they cancelled it. Nate and his best friend Dove have the time of their lives. Dove works at a hardware store and loves to party at night, he is always getting Nate into trouble. Nate is also trying to get with his long time love, Amber, who is engaged to a jerk. Amber also has a crazy step-brother that is in love with her. Nate and the step-brother start a war over her. Nate's parents are extremely open and gross Nate out all the time, yet they are trying to get separated and/or divorced, it is a crazy good laugh. Bring it back Fox, bring it back.
  • bring it back

    More Pictures Free Ride, a partially improvised comedy, chronicles recent UC Santa Barbara graduate Nate Stahlings (Josh Dean) as he moves back home with his parents to his small hometown of Johnson City, MO. Once home he struggles to find direction in his post-graduate life as he hooks up with former classmates Amber Danwood (Erin Cahill) and Mark Dove (Dave Sheridan).
  • pretty dumb

    i think they were trying to mix arrested development with that 70's show. it did not work. i watched the show once or twice and that was enough for me. i have heard it has been cancelled and i say good riddance. now if they could just come up with something to replace it with.
  • Like an Arrested development.

    This is defenitly like an Arrested Development. Free Ride is diffently a succes in my eyes. Fox doesnt need this show 100% but it defenitly helps. I wouldnt be upset if they cancelled this show but I would be a mad. Fox can do better then Free Ride but I still like this show.
  • This show's way to funny!!

    Cr@p this show is soo flippin funny!! Can't stop laughing when I watch Free Ride!! But this show hasn't played on Fox in like around ... 3 weeks I think?? What's up with that?? This show's way to funny to be stoped!! Nate is funny and don't get me started with Dove he's way way way to funny!! And Nate's Mom and Dad what the hel!_ their so weird...but funny!! But this show reminds me a lot of The Loop it has a very similiar story line (NOT THE SAME!! BUT VERY ALIKE);

    Free Ride: A guy's out of college goes back home parents are crazy. Has a crazy new friend. Has a huge crush on a girl he knew, but the girl's geting married. The main caracteur goes throw crazy situations.

    The Loop: A guy's out of college, whants to party and be in a profesional job. He goes back home lives with his crazy brother and two crazy friends. Has a huge crush on his best friend but she's in a relationship. The main caracteur goes throw wildly funny problems.

    Don't you think they're kinda alike?? Oh and they both came out at the same time... So if you like Free Ride you'd probaly like The Loop too...
  • Fox can do a lot better than this show ……

    Fox can do a lot better than this show ……

    I don’t see this show funny at all plus the idea’s of the show is not new, a guy finish college and went back to spend some time with his family, he don’t have any plans for what he want, his dad is trying to help him to find a job to kick him out from the house and about his friends he start to meat some of his friends back in high school.

    I really don’t think this show will stay long on air; I didn’t find anything entering in this show.

  • Amazingly funny show, with a great lead. Dove is one of the funniest characters on televion. I hope this show catchs on with everyone!

    I have loved this show from the very start, and the show has gotten better everyshow. Doves character is off the wall, and is constantly in halrious situations. The mother and fathers realationship with each other is very humorous, with how they are so honest with Nate about their sex life. Amber is great in the show because of how you can see how she likes Nate but holds herself back. there is a great character in Ambers husband to be, a great antagonist. The show brings in great new characters everyshow with the auntie in episode 2 and Ambers step brother in episode 5. Me and all of my friends watch this show everyweek and really get a kick out it\\\'s humor. I hope it catches on with everyone because I would really miss it!
  • finally a funny sit-com....

    for now anyway...there isn't much story there so it could be short lived.
    I must say though that this is the first half hour sit-com that has been consistantly funny in a while. I have watched it since i saw the first ep and that hasn't happened since, oh geez, Grounded for Life maybe...
    The characters are really weird...but not so much if you think about people in every day life.
    Keep it up and I will keep on watching.
  • think the NEW and improve ARRESTED DEVLOPMENT

    the girl is cute...the main character is plain flat out hilarious...the best friend is a dropout..the family has problems...his work sucks..his life sucks..he only wants his gurl of his dreams but shes taken...its awesome...seen every episode of it...dont cancel it plz!!! good show for now...can be a lil more serious @ times...!
  • Funny show with a lot of potential. Think ... Grounded for Life + Freaks & Geeks.

    I must say that I really liked the first episode of Free Ride. It was quite funny. It seems it would be the kind of show that would grow on you ... would improve as you got to know the characters. While humorous in parts on his own right, the main character is truly funny in his reaction to the wackiness around him. His father is a little too forthright about sex while his mother initially prefers to discuss the poor state of the marriage. The family, friends and acquaintences in orbit around the main character all seem to have their quirks and most seem to want to disclose more than our protagonist cares to hear.
    A lot of fun with a lot of potential. This one has entered the venerable world of my Tivo Season Pass menu.
  • eh

    This is a cheap replacement along the same lines as Arrested Development and I *Caps Lock* will not hear of it! The show didn\'t really make me laugh and I ended up changing the channel after a couple of minutes. Not good enough to hold my Friday night tv time attention. Damn them bastards; why not just put Arrested Development in that timeslot?
  • Consider it canceled...

    This was just bad. I watched it and didn't laugh once at anything. I love improvisation... but when it's good. This was just bad, kind of seemed like it was scripted for them to act improvised. Fox should stuck to cartoons aimed at adults on Sundays. Stick "King of the Hill" to a better time slot, and bring back Futurama, either get rid of the Simpsons or get great writers that know how Simpsons used to be.

    I want to give it a 0 rating but it just won't let me!
    Did I mention that it was just bad...?
  • This show does have potential. It's not world class, but it's good.

    A lot of people are saying this show is a peice of crap, it's not funny, it's boring, the acting sucks all of the internet, and beyond. I completely disagree.

    Sure, it can seem to drag along at times, but what more can you expect from a partially IMPROVISED show? Just the fact that this is a single camera show, that the cast is improvising in. I'd give it more of a chance than the first episode, the first ten minutes, or even the promo for some.

    This show does have potential. And I'll stick around.
  • This show could have promise, it just needs to develop itself more and pace itself better. This show could make it, or maybe it won't. it is fox.(we say it out of love not out of hate)

    Free Ride is a show,no cross that. It really isn't. Not saying it's bad just saying it isn't really a show.

    Okay now I got you all and confused. Listen I actually was looking foward to this improve little gem about a boy who moves home with his parents. It's just the show it's kinda doughy, very,very doughy like your handicapped brother..or cousin..or do you have a handicapped cousin?

    Whatever, just imagine that. okay. now imagine if his arm got blow off. how would you feel? Bad,right..hopefully. This show is like that, I pity it. I really had hope,but the show just dosn't have any legs(the show.NOT the Imaginary Mentally Retarted Boy who lost an arm).

    It's just not developed and alot of it is just garble mess and none of it seems to fit together into a proper picture, it just needs some time to develop cause if it dosn't it's a vegtable(wow..i could be talking about either thing)
  • So this is what awaits those people who have no aspirations after college? Not a terribly great start, but I am liking it because its not as formulaic as I thought it would be.

    The first couple of episodes seem like a really great start, though something definetly has to change to keep my attention. At first, I thought it was the basic story that I have seen over the years, of wanting the girl from your past but she is dating the local jack ass hero, so I changed the channel for a second because I thought I could predict it. Sad mistake, I was delighted to find that when I flipped back, its not that easy to read what will happen next and the comedy is of a special taste that I enjoy. I think this show has something, and I\'m willing to keep watching until they work out the kinks. Hopefully FOX won\'t can them before this show can hit its stride, but my gut tells me not to hold out because FOX is notorious for pulling the plug on my favorite shows even when they are doing something beyond any excellence previously seen.
  • Continuing the crap flow started on Fox Sundays with War At Home

    How the hell could this show get a 7.3 on here?!?! It is poorly improvised [unlike Whose Line] with bad actors and a bad storyline. Someone moving back home after finishing college is a pretty ###### storyline and I bet that Free Ride will join the "Fox's Crap Pile of Shows" soon.
  • Yawn

    This was the most boring half-hour of TV I've ever seen. The plot is boring and the show barely had any jokes at all. The whole show seems to be about characters talking to other characters about uninteresting things that happened to them, and then... that's it. The characters then talk to other characters about even more boring things. There's nothing exciting at all.

    The show only has two strong points: It doesn't have a laugh track, and the characters talk like normal people instead of just actors reading off scripts. Other than that, there is nothing about this show to look forward to but thirty minutes of your life down the drain.
  • Warning! Free ride is a lame attempt to replace shows FOX should have kept on the air.

    Everyone on this show needs some ritalin. It\'s a soap opera on speed, and the storyline is predictable.

    There is too much awkwardness in every interaction between Nate and his \"friends\" to take anything seriously.

    They need Dove to get hit by a car NOW! He is not funny. Why would someone freshly back from college even consider hanging out with someone he barely remembers and obviously sees as a complete loser? Call up some people you actually like and catch up on old time, at least. Maybe that\'s in the cards for futre episodes, but I won\'t be watching.

    Instead of trying this completely useless show, FOX should have stuck with Arrested Development. Please vote with your clicker and turn to a different channel when Free Ride comes on.
  • After seeing the pilot episode, you can see that some revisions to the show are definitely needed.

    The pilot episode of "Free Ride" aired, like all of Fox's new shows, after the beloved "American Idol".

    All in all, the show gives a few laughs, but there's simply too much downtime. Most of the humor comes in little spurts; it's almost as if the writers try to get major plot elements (which really don't help the show at all) out of the way so they can immediately resume with the funny parts.

    However, when the show has its moments, it definitely shines. The jokes, when they eventually come, will have you rolling on the couch laughing.

    Yet, there's a hugely visible flaw that I think anyone who saw the pilot episode can locate. This is another one of those shows that will only survive because of one actor. The problem is that this one actor is NOT the lead role.

    Dave Sheridan, who plays "Dove" in this show, is absolutely hilarious. His future is definitely promising. The acting job that he does is very reminiscent of Jack Black, yet it's somehow even better. The only parts I laughed at were from him.

    At its current stage, this show will be cancelled by Fox just like the other 50 or so that it's cancelled recently. The only way this show can survive is if somehow the plot evolves so that the current lead role (Josh Dean) pals around with Sheridan or Sheridan somehow takes the lead role or something to that effect. As it stands now, there's just too little appearance of the one actor that stops this show from failing miserably.
  • Much better than I expected

    I really wasn't expecting much from this show, but I had nothing better to do so I put it on. I was very impressed, it actually made me laugh out loud more than once. VERY good start. I'll give it a few more eps. If it stays good, I'll make it one of my shows.