Free Ride

Season 1 Episode 6

Who Let the Nate Dog Out

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 09, 2006 on FOX
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Who Let the Nate Dog Out
In the season finale, Nate's future is put at risk when he decides to help Amber look for her cat instead of going to his job interview in Kansas City. Also, Nate's parents have an odd way of making their marriage work.

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  • The very final episode of all time. If FOX hadn't cancelled the show, it really would have gone places after this episode.

    This episode really left you wondering what could and would happen next. I remember thinking of all the different places they could go with the series and then hearing that the show hadn't been picked up for a 2nd season. Obviously another one of FOX's big mistakes.

    This episode really left too many questions unanswered and any fan of the show wanted much more after this episode. After Nate kisses a drunk Amber he is starting to think things are going to work out. He's on his way for a big job interview that one can guess would have turned out great for him until Amber calls saying that her cat is missing. Nate, the perfect underdog thinking this is a chance to gain Amber's love, tells her he's not doing anything and will help look.

    Things progress and in the end Nate and Amber finally talk about what has been on their minds, the kiss. Amber apoligizes and Nate says that it was alright. Then Amber ends any chance when she says "No, I am really sorry."

    This was the ultimate cliffhanger. The whole series up to this point had revolved around Nate's pursuit of Amber and the show would have gone in a new direction if it hadn't been cancelled.moreless
  • Absolutely hysterical. I couldnt stop laughing. The ending was extremely sad and I was peeved.

    This had to be like the best episode. Nate had a revelation, which I am not sure I agree with but whatever.

    NAte needs to move on with his life. He stay forever with his parents. he needs to grow up but its ok. he felt he needed to stay and its all good. when he kissed his friend that blew me away but you knew she wouldnt accept it. she is amrried to that tightwad and seriously needs a divorce because her and nate are really good together. i dont kno why she let him down like that. she totally has a thing for him and its pretty obvious.

    that dog was crazy. those scenes were a bit scary but hilarious at the same time.

    i hope there are more to come.moreless
  • Nate he was crazy. Overall nice to any one but Dove. Also funny how Nate ran over a cat and thought it was Ambers'. Then Nate dog ate him. Nate finally realized he was meant to stay in that little town for now anyway.moreless

    So overall Nate is in love with Amber and she is engaged. This really is disappointing considering that they make the best couple. Don't you agree? Then she shut him down when he finally revealed how he had felt since he got back home.

    Nate dog was cray but I think if I were a dog I would attack Dove, too. Dove is sometimes overwhelming and irratating. He's just going along for the free ride. I think that someone is playing a trick on Nate because who would constantly call asking for Mayo? That is a litte odd and I think they will uncover it eventually. I hope Nate finds a job or something that he wants to persue. And as for Nate's parents wow they are basket-cases. LOL. They're crazy.moreless
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