Free Spirit

ABC (ended 1990)


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  • Season 1
    • Love and Death
      Love and Death
      Episode 14
      Winnie's sister comes to visits and falls for Rob. He tries to tell her what kind of a macho guy he is and agrees to go River Rafting with her, only he hadn't bargained on a magical trip to Niagara Falls! Winnie tries to explain to her sister that humans can die, but in doing so scares Rob t the point he won't leave the house.moreless
    • Blast from the Past
      Kevin. a warlock, who three hundred years ago was promised Winnie's hand in marriage. But Winnie didn't want to marry him, so her father came up with the idea to send him out on a quest, which he has now completed.
    • We Gotta Be Me
      We Gotta Be Me
      Episode 12
      One of Winnie's spells goes awry when she splits Rob into two personality's. One is very good and the other is pure evil. The worse part is she can't put them back together with magic. The evil Rob then insults one of T.J.'s colleagues who happens to be on he board of a college that Rodger is applying to. Chaos ensues.moreless
    • Radio Nights
      Radio Nights
      Episode 11
      T.J. is stuck at a radio station all night due to a massive thunderstorm that has wiped out a bridge. In the meantime Winnie has discovered that the electrical storm has knocked out her powers. Gene is terrified. Winnie must somehow manage to get T.J. on the phone so that Gene will calm down.moreless
    • The New Secretary
      The New Secretary
      Episode 10
      T.J. hires Winnie to be his secretary for a short time, just until he gets through with a major client's divorce settlement. Winnie learns however there s a chance for this divorcing couple (Florence Henderson and Robert Reed) to reconcile. She goes against her boss's orders and makes them realize they still love each other.moreless
    • Love That Winnie
      Love That Winnie
      Episode 9
      Winnie imagines herself in the role of Donna Reed, however, her plan to be the perfect homemaker backfires when she realizes she is being used for her magic.
    • Not With My Sister, You Don't
      Jessie has a date with a 16 year old. Winnie convinces T.J. to allow the date, but after arriving back early from Rob's idea of an "X" ellent film, Winnie discovers that the bowling date turned into a living room date, and that Jessie has a real problem on her hands.moreless
    • Two for the Road
      Two for the Road
      Episode 7
      Robb has his 16th birthday and he bugs his dad for a vehicle, to the point where he suggests his dad buy the car for household chores and he and Winnie split it. T.J. agrees, but Robb is in for a surprise when Winnie won't let him use the car at all.moreless
    • Hallowinnie
      Episode 6
      Jessie anxiously awaits a phone call to see if her and her friend have been accepted to join an exclusive girl's club named the Debs. When her friend is accepted, but Jessie is rejected as they don't know who she is, her father suggests she throws a Halloween party to impress them. Winnie who hates Halloween, practices a magic trick on Jessie and accidentally makes her disappear. When the "Debs" come over, Jessie, now being partially visible, eavesdrops on the Debs and finds out they'll accept her to the group for two reasons: She has a cool house to throw parties in, and she has a hunky brother, Robb. Knowing this she backs out of the group, especially when she sees how they snub others who are not in their group.moreless
    • Guess Who's Staying for Dinner?
      T.J. is representing a sexy young client whose 80 year old husband has just died. Her next husband she has decided is T.J. She causes him to mistrust Winnie, but Winnie won't be outdone. Winnie is the Chef at dinnertime and Truth Soup is on the menu, leading to hilarious results.moreless
    • Too Much of a Good Thing
      Winnie intervenes and puts a love spell on Kerrie, the girl of Robb's dreams. The love spell works, too well, and Robb wants out, but Winnie informs him that she can't break the spell, only he can.
    • Wedding Bell Blues
      When his date backs out at the last minute, the kids set T.J. up to take Winnie as his date to a wedding. T.J. reluctantly agrees, but has more than a few problems with Winnie's choice of attire.
    • The Bosses are Coming
      Winnie's boss, Bill, arrives to take her back to the Witch Realm, and takes the guise of T.J.'s client, Mr. Flynn. But Winnie makes a deal with Bill -- if she can make it a week without using her powers, she gets to stay on Earth with the family. Meanwhile, Gene anxiously awaits word of whether or not he made the Little League team.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      A good witch named Winnie, comes to be the live-in housekeeper for Thomas J. Harper (A Widower lawyer), and his three children. This comes at the request of the youngest son, Gene, for someone to help him with bowling.