Free Spirit

ABC (ended 1990)


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  • Admittedly it's cheesy, but it's got a certain kind of charm.

    This show has always stuck in my head for some odd reason, it wasn't a success, it was corny, the writing wasn't stellar, but one thing I can say was that it wasn't forgettable, not for me at least.

    Basically the plot is this: a young boy named Gene sucks really hard at bowling, so he throws on a few Cure albums, opens up the satanic bible and whistles out a little evil ditty to summon a witch that can help him with his "game". What follows is a wacky half hour jam packed with hilarity and crazy super natural hi jinx that only a witch could conjure up.

    Alright, not quite but you get the idea hopefully. If you haven't completely stopped reading this yet, well... kudos.

    The characters are actually pretty memorable, and the actors aren't bad either. The stories also aren't what you would normally expect from an 80's sitcom, their all pretty unique, and have little twists and turns here and there. Lots of funny moments as well, it's corny don't get me wrong, but it's really not the err.. bad kind of corny.

    I know it was pretty much doomed from the start, but I actually liked it, and even though only one season isn't a surprise, 16 years later, I find myself wishing for just a few more.