Free Willy

ABC (ended 1996)


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  • I love it! Wish it was back on the air, or in a DVD collection!!!!

    The show was great! I love it! I wish the entire series of the Free Willy cartoon was on DVD or something. I use to have it on tape. I recorded the marathon when it was on. But then, my stupid VCR messed up the tape, and I had to throw it away. So I haven\'t seen the cartoon since early 2003 or something.

    Plus, I also wish that they would bring the series back on T.V if they can\'t make the DVD collection. Who knows, maybe if its aired enough, it might be popular like Pokemon or other cartoons are. Those cartoons have been on air for a LONG time, and it became popular, so its worth a shot for the Free Willy series!
  • I remember this show...

    A long time ago I used to watch this show after Free Willy the first movie was on video. It was about Willy and his friend Jessie having adventures in and out of the aquarium. I remember one episode when they tried to save the animals from an oil spill due to the selfish and careless ways of other people. They even had their harp seal friend lead the animals to safety. This show was enjoyable and if it ever came on air again I suggest you should watch it.