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  • Season 1
    • Ransom (UNAIRED)
    • Ransom
      Episode 12
      After a Resistance operative is captured by outlaws seeking an advanced technological device, the team members pose as bikers and gain the gang's trust. When one of the outlaws is exposed as a Regime traitor, the bikers help Decker and the others transport the device to the proper authorities.
    • Return (UNAIRED)
    • Return
      Episode 11
      After a Resistance operative is captured by outlaws seeking an advanced technological device, the team members pose as bikers and gain the gang's trust. When one of the outlaws is exposed as a Regime traitor, the bikers help Decker and the others transport the device to the proper authorities.
    • Livewire (UNAIRED)
    • Mind Game
      Mind Game
      Episode 10
      Decker infiltrates a "reeducation center" where a prisoner is being held for mental reprogramming. After Decker is captured, he discovers that a trusted colleague has been replaced with a look-alike. The rest of the team must wait as Decker determines whom to believe and how to escape.
    • Livewire
      Episode 9
      Skeptical of the Regime's motives, the Resistance team monitors a historic summit meeting. After sneaking into the hotel where the assembly is being held, Decker and the others discover that the building is about to be exploded by a woman whose twin sister is held captive by the Regime. The fighters save both women and foil an elaborate plot to discredit the Resistance.moreless
    • Thieves
      Episode 8
      Decker and the Resistance fighters infiltrate the Pentagon in search of a list of Regime double agents. Defeating guards and security measures, they gain access to the office of a major Regime officer. To his amazement, Decker discovers his long-lost young son being held along with other children. The team accomplishes its mission, but the anguished Decker fails to rescue his son.moreless
    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf
      Episode 7
      When Londo is infected by a fatal toxin stolen from the Regime, the Resistance has five hours to get the antidote before he dies.
    • Siege
      Episode 6
      Becca's miscalculation during a mission to rescue her estranged brother results in Decker's capture.
    • Freezone
      Episode 5
      After a deal to buy Stinger missiles ends with the missiles being stolen, the team sets out to retrieve them.
    • Enemy
      Episode 4
      Decker and his team encounter trouble while escorting a Resistance liaison and her compatriots to the secret headquarters.
    • Assassins
      Episode 3
      Decker's efforts to protect a federal official from the Regime are threatened by the man's petulant daughter.
    • The Chase
      The Chase
      Episode 2
      The team is ordered to break into an Internet switching center to steal computer codes which will be used to break several key members of the resistance out of prison. Decker and Londo break in while Becca and Jay are in charge of transportation. Decker and Londo fight their way in and download the codes but when they escape, Jay and Becca are nowhere to be found - they've been stopped by two cops because Jay threw a candy bar wrapper out the van window. Desperate to escape, Londo and Decker carjack an SVU and its occupant - Maggie Ford, a young nurse at a nearby clinic. Unbeknownst to them, a security camera took their picture and sent it straight to the Pentagon where Colonel Devon sees it and scrambles 10 Zulu - Decker's old unit. Maggie is unimpressed with the resistance (and Londo in particular) and doesn't believe in what they are doing. While on their way to a rendezvous with Jin to deliver the codes, the team are chased by the police because James was speeding. During the chase, Londo is shot by one of the cops with a shotgun while trying to protect Maggie. The four escape and stop at a small town diner to have dinner. While there, the sheriff demands to see their papers and Decker cites it as an example to Maggie about just how little freedom Americans do have. Aggravated, Maggie spies a cell phone on the diner counter and pockets it. While in the restroom, she calls her home phone number knowing that it is bugged and hoping the military will find her. Back at the Pentagon, the call is traced to the diner and Col Devon heads out with 10 Zulu to the diner. When they arrive, the team is nowhere in sight and the waitress at the diner tells him that she doesn't know where they went. In actuality, the team are hiding in the air vents above the ceiling and behind the counter - the waitress and the rest of the patrons in the diner are protecting them. Devon heads out and the waitress tells Decker and the team that while they can't actively join in the fight, they can do what they can, when they can. One of the diners, however, is not so gracious and copies down the license plate number of the team's van as they leave. The Pentagon uses a spy satellite to find the van and 10 Zulu tracks the team down to an abandoned bus graveyard. Londo is able to take out four members of 10 Zulu by blowing up a trailer but the team are unarmed and outnumbered. They split up and Decker and Maggie are captured by Col Devon trying to escape. Maggie is hauled off by a soldier while Col Devon and Decker have it out. Decker escapes from Devon. James and Becca are pinned down by fire but Maggie uses a board to hit the soldier on the head. He turns to fire on her but Londo rescues her and they and the rest of the team escape. The team finally meets up with Jin who recovers the codes and takes Maggie with her since Maggie is now wanted.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
    • Alpha Dogs
      Alpha Dogs
      Episode 1
      In the near future, war has broken out in the Middle East, Air Force One has been shot down and the U.S. President is assumed to be dead. As a result, riots are rampant and there are major food and power shortages. The Joint Chiefs of Staff declare martial law and the military takes over the government. Several members of the military refuse to obey orders to take part in the takeover. Among them are Captain Owen Decker who is the commander of an elite Marine Corps unit called "10 Zulu." During his arrest, his wife is shot by his commanding officer, Colonel Devon, and his son is taken to parts unknown. Three other special ops personnel are also arrested. All four end up in William Jefferson Clinton Federal Prison. They end up spending 15 months in prison. The four find and befriend each other in prison and eventually are broken out by the "Resistance" - a group dedicated to bringing down the current military regime in power and restoring the Constitution. After being broken out, the four team members are asked to save the family of the former Joint Chief of Staff who realized his mistake in allowing the military to take over and now wants out. The team rescues the man's wife and daughters from the compound which is also the base for Decker's former commander - the one who shot his wife and took his son. During the ensuing fight, Decker finds out that his son is alive and Colonel Devon knows where he is. After completing the mission, the team decide to stick together and fight for the resistance. They are aided by a mysterious woman, Jin, who acts as their contact and gives them their assignments.moreless
    • War
      "When a minor skirmish overseas ignites United States investor jitters, the stock market collapses; the economy disintegrates; and civil order spirals out of control. The U.S. military takes drastic steps...

      "Owen Decker and his fiercely loyal team Becca Shaw, Londo Pearl, and James Barrett comprise an elite martial arts commando unit that carries out strictly covert assignments. When their commander orders them to participate in a military coup, they refuse. Ripped from their former lives for their insubordination, they soon discover that they are not alone.

      "Now, forced into the shadowy, underground world of the American Resistance, the four heroes dedicate themselves to the restoration of the single principle most precious to the founders of this once great and proud nation "FREEDOM." (WB press materials)moreless
  • Specials
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