Favourite Movie Parody

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    They're so awesome! It's so hard to watch Silence of the Lambs or Troy without thinking about the French and Saunders parodies They always impersonate the actors so well!

    I think one of my favourites - so far - would have to be the Titanic sketch in the Christmas special. I love how they’ve taken Jack’s obvious lower-class upbringing to an all new exaggerated level, where they make every line out of his mouth incorporate the word ‘s***’, even if it’s completely gratuitous. Oh, I LOVE when they're doing the "I'm flying!" scene and the entire dialogue is 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion.

    And the props people are awesome! I love how they always suggest using ants as the actors in large-scale films. I also love the scene where 'Rose' is down in the lower-class part of the boat, and she's with 'Jack' watching the dancers, and she stands on her toes (just like in the movie), but then she lifts off the ground and does Irish dancing mid-air! Brilliant.

    But, the funniest bit in the whole thing is when ‘Rose’ asks ‘jack’ to draw her, and she takes off her robe and she’s wearing that horrible flesh-coloured suit thing, and it’s all wrinkled and not even close to Jennifer Saunders’ skin colour, and she’s wearing the giant fake booby apron and an enormous, tacky, plastic blue heart necklace. I laughed at that scene for hours

    Oh, and who could forget Joanna Lumley as the cheesy behind-the-scenes reporter?
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