French & Saunders

Episode 10

French & Saunders Actually

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 2003 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • French Doing School Report Cards For Female Pop Stars:


      Right!, Beyonce Knowles... Must Stop Shaking Her Jelly Booty in the corridoors
      Firn Briton... Uniform Too Small. Stop Flirting. Very Unbecoming

      Trinny & Suzannah... Bullies.... No Regaurd for others.. Must be seperated next term

      Christina Agwuileria (Aguilera)... What A Very!. Dirrty Girl... Grow Up.. No one is impressed

      Right!. Madonna!.... Trying Too Hard... Stay in your own year and leave the Juniors alone

      Saunders: Have you finished them yet
      French:.. No, no no.. last comment

      We have all come to regret making Madonna a prefect and request that she return her badge