French & Saunders

BBC Premiered Mar 09, 1987 In Season





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  • Those two are hilarious!

    French and Saunders, what can I say, both brilliant comedians from two famous British comedy shows. I watched them both and loved them, and when I saw they had their own show I just had to check it out. The show in my opinion is hilarious, I love watching it whenever it's on, and I love all the crazy characters they play and the little parodies of famous shows and movies. It's just crazy and lovable! It always makes me laugh and it won't enjoy anyone who enjoys a laugh. French & Saunders is a great, classical British comedy show with two great comedians.
  • French & Saunders: The sublime comedy partnership of Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French

    This is THE best show... so funny and I can watch these over and over again! ! !

    Jennifer Saunder and Dawn French are simple the best comedy duo and I am so glad the BBC bought us the newest episodes. Living in Japan I have to wait for things like this to come out on DVD, but it\'s well worth the wait.

    If you have never seen French & Saunders, but you love a good laugh, then I suggest you get your hands on a few episodes any way you can! The good thing is they are available through amazon etc. I recommend you start with the earlier episodes and work your way up... they all rock though, so start anywhere you can/want.
  • Funniest comedy partnership - and show - since The Two Ronnies.

    French and Saunders has now completed it’s sixth season, and in my opinion there could not be a negative comment made about any sketch, episode or season of this show. Ever.

    Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are both accomplished comediennes independently, but when you bring them together there’s no stopping them. There’s obviously a strong friendship between them, and it shows in each of their sketches.

    Including brilliant movie spoofs (including, most recently, Kill Bill, Cold Mountain and Troy) and ridiculous musical numbers, French and Saunders has a basic background storyline which fans out into gratuitous parodies of the British, Hollywood, musicians, actors, farmers, teenagers, the elderly, mothers… the list goes on. Chances are, no matter who you are, French and Saunders has had at least one good stab at your lifestyle.

    I hope they stick together for a long, long time. The comedy scene - British and worldwide - would crumble without the presence of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders’ comedy duo.
  • These two women are a hoot!

    Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French form the perfect combination. They are both two very funny women. They are succesfull apart (Ab Fab, Vicar of Dibley). Bring them together and you can't stop laughing. I like their movie spoofs the most.
    They've been comedy partners for a long time now and I hope they'll keep this up for a long time coming!