Fresh Meat

Monday 10:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Sep 21, 2011 Between Seasons



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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • 12/23/13

      Friendships and Relationships are strained after the party, leading to Vod challenging Oregon for presidency of the Student Union and Howard realising he has to act now to win Candice. Also, Kingsley and Josie and up with an unusual solution to their problems and JP reveals a different side to his personality.

    • 12/16/13

      Oregon tries to turn Howard's birthday party into an event to fund her campaign to be president of the student union.

    • 12/9/13

      Oregon has organised a protest against a deportation and her housemates are persuaded to take part.  Meanwhile, Vod is surprised by her therapy session, JP's plan to impress Sam goes awry and Sabine takes Josie hostage in desperation.

    • 12/2/13

      Oregon tries to track down the sole critic who liked her play, Kingsley and Josie decide to be honest about everything in the future and Howard is impressed with a feminism book.  Meanwhile, everyone is excited to meet Vod's mum when they hear she is coming to stay.

    • Season 3, Episode 4

      JP and Kingsley see signing up to a medical trial as the answer to their relationship problems. JP knows that Sam will be attending, so hopes to win her back after being dumped for cheating; Kingsley hopes it will be a secure place to confess to Josie about Heather. Meanwhile, an obscure library book draws Howard into an argument.

    • 11/18/13

      Vod realises that breaking up with Javier is notas simple as she hoped, Howard plots to humiliate JP and Candice competes against Oregon in a quiz.  Meanwhile, Josie and Kingsley have to face up to some truths during a romantic weekend away in the country.

    • Season 3, Episode 2

      While JP attempts to steal the girl Howard likes, Vod plots to rid herself of her now unwanted holiday romance.  Meanwhile, Kingsley doesn't want to upset Heather by breaking up with her, so decides to date Josie as well.

    • Season 3, Episode 1

      Candice joins the housemates for the start of their second year at university and all must get used with JP being the landlord. The gang visit Josie in Southampton, Vod is unexpectedly confronted with a past fling, while Howard and JP try to attract some girls to join their skiing society.

  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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