Fresh Off the Boat - Season 3

Tuesday 8:30 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 04, 2015 In Season




Episode Guide

  • This Isn't Us
    Episode 23

    As the Huangs adjust to life in their new estate home, Eddie feels estranged from his friends, and Evan gets ejected from the prestigious private school, and Louis and Jessica reconsider the move away from their comfort zone.

  • This Is Us
    Episode 22

    In part one of the season finale, Eddie graduates from middle school and is looking forward to starting high school with his crew. But when Jessica sets her sights on a new private school for Evan, she explores the idea of moving the family to a new upscale neighborhood, triggering more big changes for the whole family. Meanwhile, Louis gets an opportunity to expand Cattleman’s Ranch with his new silent partner, singer Michael Bolton.

  • Pie vs. Cake
    Episode 21

    Jessica is thrilled to hear Evan is interested in joining the debate team. Yet, when her protégé becomes so good that he beats her at her own game, she second guesses her worth. Meanwhile, Eddie and Emery team up to enter a comic book contest.


  • The Masters
    Episode 20

    Upon learning that Tiger Woods is half Thai, Louis and Jessica get inspired to groom Eddie and Evan into becoming the next great Asian golf prodigies. Jessica believes that a strict, rigorous training regimen is the recipe for success, while Louis thinks a more relaxed approach will yield stronger results. So, they put their differing parenting styles to the test and make a bet to see who can develop the better golfer. Meanwhile, Emery wants to publicize the fact that Tiger Woods is half Asian.

  • Driving Miss Jenny
    Episode 19

    Louis worries that Grandma’s new motorized wheelchair gives her too much freedom, so he makes it a point to keep a close eye on her. However, he quickly learns that his constant hovering is cramping her style. Meanwhile, Jessica fears that Emery’s sentimental ways have turned him into a hoarder, and Eddie tries to hustle his way into Evan’s already-successful side business.

  • Time to Get Ill
    Episode 18

    When Jessica tries to sleep off a bad flu, Louis and the boys splurge on a pricey pay-per-view wrestling match that she would never allow. As they watch the match in silence, taking every precaution to ensure Jessica’s recovery is not disturbed, they are shocked to learn that she was secretly having some fun of her own.

  • The Flush
    Episode 17

    Jessica and Honey take Emery and Evan on a road trip to Georgia, but encounter traffic problems. Louis wants to take the opportunity for a guy night with Eddie, then go golfing the next morning. But Eddie invites his friends over instead, and one of them brings beer, which Eddie tries for the very first time.

  • Gabby Goose
    Episode 16

    The Huangs host couples game night, and Jessica’s ultra-competitive nature is on full display. Louis, by way of Honey, works up the courage to confront Jessica about being a sore loser, and she surprisingly accepts his criticism without incident. But when she learns that he discussed their private life to people outside of their family, she becomes very upset and makes plans to retaliate. Meanwhile, Emery and Evan help Eddie grieve the unexpected, sudden death of rapper Notorious B.I.G.

  • Living While Eddie
    Episode 15

    After her precious morning papaya goes missing and the dishwasher was used for its actual purpose rather than just a drying rack, Jessica automatically accuses Eddie of being the culprit; Yet, when a record store manager accuses him of stealing a CD, she realizes he has other motives for his actions. Meanwhile, Louis and Emery are bursting with excitement when a TV crew comes to shoot an infomercial at Cattleman’s Ranch.

  • The Gloves Are Off
    Episode 14

    Jessica accidentally befriends Marvin’s ex-wife, Sarah (Heather Locklear), and tries to help her and Honey settle their longstanding rift. Meanwhile, Louis and the boys are on a mission to determine Grandma’s true age in hopes of surprising her with a new, free motorized wheelchair.


  • 2/14/17
    Jessica is excluded from the Neighborhood Watch because of her not being a team player, but her security measures are shown to be better than the others' when Ann's son goes missing. Meanwhile, Eddie plans the perfect first kiss with Alison.
  • 2/7/17
    Jessica is happy that her sister Connie is finally going to college until she learns it's for art; Marvin and Honey visit a retirement home with Eddie, Emery and Evan; and Honey realizes the longterm difficulties that the age difference between herself and Marvin presents.
  • Clean Slate
    Episode 11

    Jessica pushes the family to settle all debts, disputes and grudges on Chinese New Year's eve in order to ensure good fortune for the coming year; and enlists Emery to help her keep her temper in check. Louis and Evan, meanwhile, head out on a hunt for hate mail; and Eddie entertains his lame cousin.

  • The Best of Orlando
    Episode 10

    Louis forgets to thank Jessica in his acceptance speech when he's named Small Businessman of the Year; and Eddie, Emery and Grandma start their own clothing line.

  • 1/3/17

    Jessica thinks her citizenship application will be routinely approved, but during her interview, some surprising facts crop up about her past. Eddie Emery, and Evan attempt to joyride the family van to go to Wet & Wild.

  • 12/13/16

    Evan is accidentally left home alone when the family goes to a movie, so Louis asks Marvin to keep an eye on him. However, Marvin slips and falls when he goes to the Huang's home, so he sues. Honey is appalled, so she gives him muscle relaxants, and he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

  • 12/6/16

    When Eddie agrees to take Alison to see 'Romeo and Juliet', Louis and Alison's dad bond over Shakespeare, which makes Eddie and Alison feel as though their relationship has gone stale. Jessica gets jury duty and becomes obsessed with being the foreman. Emery and Evan struggle with a virtual pet.

  • 11/29/16

    Jessica loves to take Evan shopping at Costco every Sunday, but is thrown into confusion when he chooses to go to church with his friend's family instead. Louis is given a free teeth whitening by Marvin, without asking for it, and is upset.

  • No Thanks-giving
    Episode 5

    Louis and Jessica open Cattleman's Ranch on Thanksgiving, which inspires Emery and Evan to take heed of the restaurant business; and when Eddie decides to blow off the rest of eighth grade, Jessica teaches him the meaning of hard work.

  • Citizen Jessica
    Episode 4

    The Cattleman's Ranch serves as a polling place; Jessica reports an employee whom she suspects is an undocumented immigrant only to have the INS question her immigration status; and Eddie and his friends argue over who killed Tupac Shakur.

  • Louisween
    Episode 3

    Louis is disappointed that Jessica does not get into the Hallowe'en spirit. Instead, she is writing a horror novel. Eddie and his friends are excited to ho to Nicole's 9th grade party, and Emery and Evan debate costumes.

  • Breaking Chains
    Episode 2

    Eddie shows Emery the ropes at middle school, where he uses fake Chinese customs to fool the teachers and staff into giving him special privileges; and Jessica is upset when Louis hires a housekeeper to help lighten her load at home.

  • 10/11/16

    The Huangs travel to Taiwan to make peace with Louis's brother Gene, and they are surprised at the affluent lifestyle he leads.