Fresh Off the Boat - Season 5

Tuesday 8:30 PM on ABC Premiered Feb 04, 2015 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 4/12/19
    The Season 5 finale. The Huangs are settling into life without Eddie until an international incident catapults him not only to Taiwanese fame but also right back to America. In order to fix Eddie's mess, the family gets a new "daughter"; but when things go awry, Jessica must add a new word to her vocabulary. Meanwhile, master babysitter Evan watches Maria for Honey and Marvin, and ends up learning more about himself than he expected.moreless
  • 4/5/19
    Eddie ships off to Taiwan for the cultural exchange program, blithely ignoring his parents' advice about how hard it was for them when they came to America for the first time. He ends up separated from his group with no money and next-to-no language skills. Meanwhile, back home in Orlando, the Huangs adjust to life without Eddiemoreless
  • Nerd Watching
    Episode 20
  • Vice Mommy
    Episode 19
    Jessica starts her college classes, leaving Evan in charge at home as "vice mommy." But the transition doesn't go smoothly, either for her starting school again or with Evan taking over the reins of the Huang household. Eddie and Louis run into conflict when Eddie just wants his dad to treat him as an employee, and not a son, at Cattleman's Ranch.moreless
  • Rancho Contento
    Episode 18
    Louis tries his best to convince Jessica to consider early retirement, but she's having none of it. When Eddie looks for advice on how to be a better person for Tina and win her back, he ends up watching her favorite TV show, "Sex and the City," for clues.
  • 3/8/19

    Eddie leaves home after his mom tells him he's too immature to go on a student exchange trip to Taiwan. But when he ends up living with Horace in his new apartment, he has second thoughts. Louis and Evan suspect Emery is leading some sort of secret life after he quits the volleyball team but lies about still going to practice, so they begin following him.

  • Trentina
    Episode 16

    Eddie begins dating Trent's sister Tina, but it puts a strain on his friendship with Trent. When Evan fails his physical education test because he can't run, he turns to Jessica for help, but she's even worse at running than he is. Meanwhile, Louis is thrilled when the restaurant gets the Golden Prune award as being the best place for seniors to dine, but the honor doesn't reap the results he expected.

  • Be a Man
    Episode 15

    Jessica drives Principal Hunter crazy when she declares that she's "shadow principal" and follows him around for a day to learn about his job. When she finds out perfect son Evan has been caught acting out, she immediately blames Eddie's bad influence, but there's more to it than that. Louis, having watched one too many episodes of "The Sopranos" with Honey, is convinced that Marvin and Grandma are gossiping about him behind his back after Marvin offers to trap a rat in Grandma's apartment.

  • Cupid's Crossbow
    Episode 14
  • 1/25/19

    Louis is turning 40, and, after seeing "Legends of the Fall", he wants to take the family camping. Marvin and Honey think Jessica is not skilled at gift giving.

  • Grand-Mahjong
    Episode 12

    It's Chinese New Year, and the Huangs invite another Chinese family, and Marvin and Honey over for a traditional meal. The women play mahjong, and things get chaotic. Jessica is feuding with Grandma Huang, and Emery, who has new braces in his mouth, is fighting with Louis.

  • 1/18/19

    Eddie gets his license and takes his friends to a concert. Louis and Marvin go to a chili-con.

  • 1/11/19

    Evan has a girlfriend, which infuriates Jessica. Louis hires an old couple whose mom and pop restaurant went out of business, but their cooking is terrible.

  • Just the Two of Us
    Episode 9
    Louis and Jessica think they've won a weekend getaway at a posh resort, but instead they're stuck at a marriage retreat where troubled couples work out their relationship problems with the help of Guru Sheela.
  • Cousin Eddie
    Episode 8

    Eddie informs Jessica that he wants to spend Christmas with friend Nicole in New York, but Jessica insists that tradition prevails and he needs to spend the holiday with the family. He does everything within his power to try and get her to crack and allow him to go. Meanwhile, Louis and Evan do their best to try and help an overwhelmed Emery decide on which one of his numerous friends to invite to the family's Christmas Eve dinner.

  • 12/7/18

    When Matthew quits the restaurant for a better job, Louis hires Eddie's friend Trent as the new greeter. Eddie is jealous, but he had turned the job down. Jessica wangles her way into the PTA president position.

  • Sub Standard
    Episode 6

    Eddie's extended substitute English teacher throws out the class syllabus and instructs the students in a radically progressive way, which worries Jessica. Meanwhile, Louis and Honey try in vain to find a workout group that can help them both lose some weight, and Emery doubts Evan's ability to extract a painful splinter from his finger.

  • 11/9/18

    The Huangs are excited to learn that a new Chinese family has moved into the neighborhood, but then things get sour when Louis thinks Marvin has befriended Julius in his place and Jessica is critical of the way Elaine and Julius are proud of an underachieving son. Jessica is angry when the HOA unveils a new mural with no Asian faces on it.

  • Driver's Eddie
    Episode 4

    Louis vows to teach Eddie to drive, after experiencing stereotypical prejudice from a police officer. Emery and Evan compete for Grandma Huang's attention.

  • Workin' the 'Ween
    Episode 3

    Honey and Marvin ask Jessica and Louis to be baby Maria's godparents, and Jessica offers to babysit her on Halloween night. But the Huangs are in for a spooky evening when they agree to help wean the baby off of her pacifier. Meanwhile, Eddie is hired by mattress store owner Harv for a job to make some extra money so that he can buy himself a car and ends up having to work in the creepy store all by himself on Halloween.

  • 10/12/18

    Jessica offers to help exhausted new mother Honey, but her constant interfering frustrates Honey, who suspects an ulterior motive. Eddie and Emery try to start an exercise regime. Louis wants to bond more with Evan while Jessica is at Marvin's house.

  • Fresh Off the RV
    Episode 1

    Excited about the release, (and success), of Jessica's book, Louis buys an RV, then finds out that the book was a flop. Meanwhile Honey is in hospital giving birth to Marvin's baby.