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Just as Soap parodied American daytime soap operas, so Fresno lampooned the primetime super-soaps Dallas, Dynasty and, in particular, Falcon Crest. This latter series focused on rival wine-making empires, whereas Fresno - a long-form comedy mini-series with a two-hour opening episode - depicted the power struggles between two rival raisin dynasties, the Kensingtons and the Canes. Leading the clans were Charlotte Kensington, a bitch widow, and the hissable Tyler Cane, the pair played by top TV comic talents Carol Burnett and Dabney Coleman. Further down the cast were further heavyweight comedy exponents, Charles Grodin, Jerry Van Dyke and Teri Garr. But while they all performed with their usual expertise, the actors could not overcome the mini-series' main, if only, flaw: it was trying to parody something that had itself become a parody. Super-soaps had left reality so far behind, hunting ever more outrageous storylines and characterisations, that attempts at caricatures were bound to fail. Still, apart from the fine acting, Fresno boasted sharp writing, some exceptionally dry humour and spectacular location work (the production reputedly cost $12m). Although screened without a laugh track, one was added for a 1989 US repeat run, but it proved unnecessary and intrusive.moreless
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  • The Kensington had a raisin dynasty and the Canes wanted it. Charlotte Kensington wore Bob Mackey gowns while riding in her chauffuer-driven station wagon: backward and in the rear! The ALL-STAR cast was a who's-who of 80's Hollywood. See it if you can!!moreless

    The cast and comedy of the campy, crazy tale of the Kensington's raisin empire was such a wonderful diversion. Compared to Dallas, Dynasty or Knot's Landing, the story mimics those perfectly. I believe it was way ahead of its' time (ala Desperate Housewives) and could've made it as a regular series. The cast was phenomenal: Carol Burnett .... Charlotte Kensington Dabney Coleman .... Tyler Cane Gregory Harrison .... Torch Teri Garr .... Talon Kensington Charles Grodin .... Cane Kensington Luis Avalos .... Juan Pat Corley .... Earl Duke Valerie Mahaffey .... Tiffany Kensington Anthony Heald .... Kevin Kensington (Boston Public dean) Teresa Ganzel .... Bobbi Jo Bobb (She is hilarious!!)

    Bill Paxton .... Billy Joe Bobb (awesome early performance) Jerry Van Dyke .... Tucker Agajanian Charles Keating .... Charles Melanie Chartoff .... Desiree DeMornay Michael Richards .... 2nd Henchman (Kramer on Seinfeld)

    Jeffrey Jones .... Mr. Acme (Principal in Ferris Bueller)

    Tom Poston .... Doc Parseghian (Newhart show)

    I found it on DVD on e-bay.moreless
  • Fresno, a great mini series that CBS destroyed.

    FRESNO was a parody of 80's primetime soaps that Starred Carol Burnett and Teri Garr.

    This was a very funny series that was ruined by CBS who added a laugh track when the show was rerun.

    The parody premise was based on raisin barons of fresno and spoofed such primetime soaps as Dynasty and Dallas.

    What stank was that CBS preempted the second episode and did not reschedule it. This drove viewers away from this series. Had the show had network support it could have become a huge network hit.

    The cast was superb and the acting great. This is another "Police Squad", another series that was ahead of it's time.moreless