Friday Night Dinner - Season 1

Friday 9:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Feb 25, 2011 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Date
    Episode 6
    Adam arrives home to find an immaculate house, with the best dinner set on the table. The doorbell rings and it is Tanya, a girl mum has been trying to fix Adam up with for ages. An awkward dinner follows. Meanwhile, Jim is locked out as his dog swallows his keys.moreless
  • The Mercedes
    Episode 5

    When Adam arrives at the house to celebrate his birthday with the family, he nearly gets run over by the Mercedes of Sheila Bloom, a woman his dad used to date. With Jackie nursing two bad ankles, Martin cooks dinner, leading to disaster. As a result, the family decides to go out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There, they encounter Sheila with her husband, telling them her mother recently died in her precious Mercedes, leading to the family's amusement. Later, they have to go to the Bloom residence as a result of Martin and Eddie getting each other's coats after leaving the restaurant. Adam and Jonny have difficulty hiding their laughter when they see Sheila again and things get crazier when the family car hits Sheila's Mercedes when they leave.

  • The Dress
    Episode 4
    Mum finds out Dad didn't get rid of his boxes of science magazines and goes mad at him. He builds a bonfire to burn them...but is he? Mum's best friend Val pops round to show off her new dress, and Jim's dog goes missing.
  • The Curtains
    Episode 3
    We meet Grandma this week, who joins the boys in annoying Mum about her new curtains. Meanwhile, Dad drops Mum's beef casserole all over the kitchen floor
  • The Jingle
    Episode 2
    Adam and Jonny catch Dad secretly peering at his underpants with a magnifying glass when they arrive home for dinner. Meanwhile, their neighbours keeps interrupting dinner.
  • The Sofabed
    Episode 1

    Mum and dad are having a clear-out, and they've enlisted their sons' help. As they settle down for the first family meal of the season, mum's happy to have everyone together, but then things go downhill; their neighbor Jon keeps interrupting because he wants to use their toilet, and an e-Bay bidder turns up to pick up their sofabed.

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