Friday Night Lights

Season 3 Episode 11

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2008 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

In the beginning of the episode, Tyra and Mindy are registering items for Mindy and Billy's wedding. Mindy decides to have a tea for her bridal shower.

J.D. is distracted during practice by his new girlfriend, Madison, and Coach Wade notices.

Lyla is drunk and playing games with Billy and Mindy. Tim notices Lyla is changing for the worse since she's been living with him.

Tami and Eric are discussing a new redistricting plan that would split Dillion into East and West. Eric thinks it won't pass through, so he brushes it off.

Tim tries to wake up Lyla for school but she refuses to go which worries Tim since Lyla has had good grades until she moved in with him.

Tyra is shopping for the bridal shower tea party when she runs into Landry. Landry notices she has a lot to do so he offers to help and Tyra accepts.

Coach Wade called J.D.'s father and told him that J.D. hasn't been putting forth much effort at practice and isn't acting like himself because of Madison. J.D.'s father is angry because J.D. lied to him about breaking it off with Madison.

Matt's mother and Lauraine are leaving for the store but Lauraine remembers she forgot her purse and falls out of the car, injuring herself.

Matt and his mother talk to the doctor at the hospital they took Lauraine to and his doctor tells him that Lauraine needs to be put in a nursing home and Matt's mother agrees. Matt doesn't want to and he snaps at his mother and the doctor, telling his mother to go back to Oklahoma.

Buddy picks up Tim after practice to talk and asks for his advice on how to get Lyla back. Tim says he should give her more time and he agrees.

Tami and Eric are at a meeting at which people are discussing redistricting to split Dillion in half to provide two different schools. People are worried about how this will be funded and how it will affect the football team. When they explain that the state will fund it, the plan starts to sink in on Eric and he realizes that this will split his team in half, but Tami still supports the plan reluctantly.

Lyla goes to Buddy's house to get her things and she runs into Buddy on her way out. She tells him she got into Vanderbilt, but that she can't go because he lost her college fund.

Madison tells J.D. that his dad called her parents last night, trying to break them up.

Tyra and Landry are shopping for the bridal shower. Landry gets Mindy to stop calling so much and Tyra seems to start liking Landry again.

The Boosters are remaking the redistricting map to make sure the football team stays in-tact and Eric doesn't like what they're doing.

Lauraine has a breakdown because she can't find her slippers which are on her feet and Matt starts to consider putting her in a nursing home.

Tyra and Landry are flirting while preparing for the bridal shower at Tyra's house when Tyra mentions that she got her SAT scores back and that they are 200 points lower than what she needs.

Eric says to Buddy that he doesn't like what the Boosters are doing about the remapping and Buddy gets angry.

Tim takes Lyla to the first church Lyla's family ever went to, to cheer Lyla up and Lyla get angry. Lyla regrets staying with Buddy and not going with her mother, Tim comforts her.

Tyra and Landry are setting up tables outside for the bridal shower when it starts to rain, so the hurry and bring everything inside. Tyra kisses Landry on the cheek and he leaves.

During the bridal shower, Mindy thanks Tyra and tells her that if she's lucky she'll find a man, which makes Tyra wonder why she's trying to get into college.

J.D.'s father gives J.D. advice on how to play football in the rain before the game, which is to throw short and run the ball.

The game starts with the Mustangs fumbling the ball and the Panthers getting it. J.D. then throws a long shot and Matt catches it, not following what his father said to do. J.D. throws another long shot and it's intercepted by the Mustangs, making J.D.'s father angry. J.D. throws another long shot and no one gets the ball. J.D. then fumbles the ball and the Mustangs get it. Riggins takes down the Mustangs QB and the QB drops the ball and the Panthers get the ball and score. The score is 13 to 14 and Eric dangerously decides to go for 2 points. J.D. scrambles and manages to keep the ball, while J.D.'s father is yelling to run the ball, he throws it down field to Riggins who catches it and wins the game and the Panthers are going to State.

After the game, Matt meets up with his mother and apologizes and says that he thinks Lauraine needs to live in a home.

J.D.'s father yells for J.D. to hang up the phone while they're in the car.

Tami and Eric are talking about how the redistricting map is being changed to fit the football team and Eric lies and says he doesn't know anything about it.

J.D.'s father says J.D. did pathetic in the game because he didn't run the football, disobeying him, and they get in an argument. J.D. brings up him calling Madison and Joe gets angry and shoves J.D. against the car and starts hitting him. Eric interferes and breaks up the fight.

Lyla and Tim get home and have a talk. Tim tells Lyla to stop pitying herself and that she can still get into any college and Tim tells her he loves her.

J.D. and his mother stay with Eric and Tami, not knowing what to do.

Tyra starts crying because she doesn't know what to do about her future and she and her mother have a talk. Her mother tells her she can do anything she dreams of.