Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 4

A Sort of Homecoming

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on DirecTV

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  • Matt gets some terrible news while Coach Taylor tries to lift the spirits of the Lions.


    I liked this episode a lot more than others probably liked it. I'm a sucker for when writers can make an episode work on multiple levels, particularly when it comes to the title of an episode. Look at the title of this episode: "A Sort of Homecoming." I believe it was Tami who described the Lions pep rally with the alumni as a sort of homecoming, but the phrase also works for multiple arcs throughout the episode, and it's fantastic the way they all work out.

    I'll focus on Saracen first, mostly because I've been excited for the show to give him something to do besides work with a crazy sculptor. In a way, the hunting trip that Saracen and Riggins take together is an acknowledgement of the fact that they haven't left their home yet (Matt repeating "Texas Forever" drives the point home too). For Matt and Tim, their whole life has been a homecoming, mostly because they refuse to leave. And when Matt heads back home and learns that his father was killed in Iraq, it's the worst sort of homecoming he could've imagined for his father. Not the type he expected, I'm sure.

    Then there's the aforementioned story arc with the Taylor's trying to hold an alumni pep rally. Since East Dillon is now the Taylor's home, they want to create a sense of excitement about the football team that the Panthers have. It helps their plans after Buddy gets involved. He now considers himself an East Dillon Lion. In a way, he's coming back home to people who respect him.

    It's easy to go overboard with the connections between the title and what's going on in the episode, but I like looking for those things and I really do think the writers do it on purpose.

    There was all sorts of other things not connected to that theme that was working too. The conflict between Luke and Vince is being fleshed out nicely. They're not having these two get along with each other right off the bat, and I'm glad. Real life doesn't work like that. I'm sure when these two start getting along and working together, the team will start flowing. Plus, you have Landry and Jess sort of getting closer. I'm excited to see how their relationship flourishes from here.