Friday Night Lights

Season 4 Episode 2

After the Fall

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2009 on DirecTV

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  • Good episode to build for next week....but a let down after the opener.

    Well, not sure where to start with this. I'm not sure why Matt was even in this episode...besides keeping Julie involved, his scenes were a waste of time IMO. Tim showing up for coach is a welcome addition, but then he goes from an inspirational help to being drunk at the bar?

    I really like Principal Taylor's scene's, she seems to at least have some drama and passion that is viable for the show.

    The new's hoping she becomes more than just another Tyra. Although after the tow truck incident i have my suspicions.

    Landry and the other new girl looks promising. Landry can really explode this year and he has always been fun, but he needs to be more involved.

    Overall this episode was a let down to the season opener. It did however build some good story lines for next week. I do have a question though......could we please add the last 15 minutes into the episodes, i WANT and hour of the show not 45 minutes of show and 15 minutes of previews and discussion...ill get that on the dvd when it releases.
  • Coach tries to make up for forfeiting the game while Tami goes up against the Boosters.


    When I watched the previous episode, I assumed that Coach forfeited the game because he was worried about his players, worried they'd get injured and hurt themselves even more than they already had. But now that I saw this episode, I can't help but feel that Coach was simply ashamed to lose by such a large deficit. Which makes Coach a more complicated character when he's the coach of this team. Which also makes him a much more interesting character overall.

    This episode was about rising up from rock bottom in any way you can. Coach is at rock bottom as he finds his forfeit made his team lose trust in him. They don't want to play for a coach who doesn't believe in them. As a result, Coach is forced to do some soul-searching and try and find a way to get Vince, the new receiver, to get the team back to practice. It helps that the team has received a brand new running back, the former Dillon Panthers running back Luke Cafferty.

    It was Tami who was responsible for getting Luke over the school, and man, Connie Britton has some AWESOME scenes here. Joe McCoy threatens to try and get Coach Taylor's rings taken away from a couple of years ago, but Tami calls his bluff and makes him look like a fool in front of all the boosters. However, Joe responds in full force, getting the entire school to boo her as she attempts to speak at the pep rally.

    Another highlight is Matt Lauria as Luke Cafferty. Usually, shows have a hard time meshing new characters after they get rid of some of their cast, but FNL has never had that problem. Cafferty seems like an interesting character, mostly because he's not selfish and obsessed with winning all the time. He seems to be about the team. When he started crying after Tami told him he'd have to leave, that's not the sign of a selfish guy. It's the sign of someone who hates letting his team down.

    The downside to having such strong arcs for half of the characters is that the other half get the short shrift. Saracen is barely here and same with Julie. But at least Saracen gets some funny moments with his new internship teacher. Julie goes to school and sort of disappears. We don't know how her time there was. Vince was good here, but Taylor Kitsch as Riggins wasn't as interesting for me. I'm glad he's gotten better over the seasons, but I'm more interested in seeing him on the team as an assistant coach than anything else... otherwise, this is a strong start to Season 4.