Friday Night Lights

Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2011 on The 101

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  • Hasn't been what it used to be, but this is a great show and that was a great ending...

    This series of Friday Night Lights hasn't really been at the level of the previous seasons. I can imagine a few people might have liked this more than the, shall we say "original" series (1-3), but that more than likely most people will agree with me. That being said, this was a perfect episode. It was kind of sad that the predictable happened and they won the state title (I was really hoping they were going to mirror the film and have you believe they're going to do it and then fall just short. wouldn't that have been better?) but they at least approached it in a interesting way at the end by having you not see quite how it ends and revealing via some shiny gold rings on characters fingers. The fairly obvious story telling devices you'd expect from a finale were used, with the characters reaching some ultimate goals, making decisions about life and so forth, but it was all handled very well in my opinion. I think the Matt and Julie getting married story line was a little over the top, but again, it was at least emotionally rewarding in it's own way. Luke joining the Army was an unexpected turn but, yet again, was a believable end to his character. The rest of the "minor" character arcs were also handled in a nice enough way. Ultimately, this show is worth watching because of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton and it was their characters that I personally cared about seeing the end of. Eric's decision to finally be a compromising husband was a nice touch because there really were moments that I was worried he was going to finish this series being an unlikable character that doesn't seem to like his wife. In the end both of the performances from the lead actors are really great to watch and they have made this show what it is. Overall, a great episode to end a great show.
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