Friday Night Lights

Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2011 on The 101

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  • Can anyone possibly give a reason that a show of this quality can be so badly overlooked?

    The final episode was one that all can be proud of: the actors, writers, director and producer. They captured something quite special in todays market. Thanks very much to DirecTv for saving FNL and allowing the final two seasons to take place.

    It is so disgusting that we are force fed the trash such as The Office, 30 Rock, 2 and one half men only to name a few. Think of the advertising Friday Night Lights received in comparison to these. Virtually zero... Where were the Emmy nominations? Are the three nominations this year only a token?? It is sad to see a series that captures everyone who has given it a chance be treated so poorly by network television.

    This show is a family event. All 7 of our family are here every Friday night. It was great that the Season 5 DVD set was released prior to NBC AIRING IT. We were able to see it without NBC and it's commercials. We have all seasons (1-5) on DVD and have begun our FNL's fix with two episodes every Friday night.

    As someone previously stated: In the small town of Dillon, Texas, everything seems to revolve around the local football team, the Panthers. A stunning loss, a new coach, and a series of turbulent relationships head off this simplistic, but powerful drama. It is so much more than a football show; it is about life. How did NBC miss this??
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