Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 3

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Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • An episode filled with relationships fraying.


    I still think the show has a ways to go to make everything flow together as well as it did in season one, but boy, this episode really caught my attention. It elevated the intensity of all the good plot points, focused less on stuff I didn't care about and had only a minimal amount of lame things going on.

    First off, I loved the tension growing between Matt and Smash. Matt is clearly disappointed with where he is right now after getting dumped by Julie, having a grandmother who is getting worse over time and being pushed to the back after Coach McGregor rearranges his team to focus on Smash. The fight between Smash and Matt was well-earned, especially since they've been subtly showing us how cocky Smash has gotten over the summer.

    I also think the Tami/Julie plot came to a head nicely. Julie has been acting lately and Tami has been under a lot of stress, which means the slap that Tami gives her resonates that much more. It also makes me excited, if only because the more stress that Tami has, the more likely it is that Coach Taylor will return to Dillon. That's not to say that I don't like Tami's plots, but the Taylor's work better when they're both in Dillon and acting like a couple.

    As for the rest of the characters, I've been really worried about what the writers will have them do and I still am worried. Riggins has gotten nothing to do but walk around and drink. I like him the most when the coach is pushing him so hard that he passes out or throws up. That actually creates tension between him and others. But his plot with Lila where he goes to church or his arguments with Jason feel tired and boring.

    And I'm really coming around to the Tyra and Landry plot. They're not driving anything into our heads. Their relationship is pretty laid back right now, and despite the death of that rapist, the show isn't letting that dictate the direction of the season. If anything, this plot has allowed us to learn more about Landry as a character, which is a good thing, since he's a pretty good actor.

    Overall, the season is doing okay, but it could be doing a lot better.

  • Riggins spirals downward and Lyla helps him find faith. Matt's frustrations with Smash come to a head. Eric feels the pains of his decision to coach at the next level, and turns to Buddy to fix things. Jason believes he'll walk and Tim agrees to help him.

    Things are starting to resemble the old ways in Dillon. I thibk this episode will be credited in bringing the show back to its former glory.

    The most interesting story of the night was Tim's, we learn that Billy has been seeing Jackie, and it is pretty serious, a very odd turn of events, but it almost makes sense I mean he sort of went after Tyra last season. The idea of this sends Tim down a long spiral of drinking, which then leads Jason to question their rocky friendship, but I think the two finally found some closure in their triangle. Then there was Tim and Lyla, not sure if he really found religion or he was just looking for a way back into Lyla's good graces.

    Then there was Matt, the Matt of old, single, invisible, and frustrated. Julie dumped him for The Swede, he is being looked over on the field, and Carlotta is turning his homelife upside down. A little aside, it was so funny listening to him butcher her name. His fight with Smash had to be a long time coming, I mean I am sure everyone is used to Smash being Smash, but Matt doesn't take it with a grain of salt like everyone else, I think it is a mix of envy, frustration, and something else. Their fight was a long time coming, I loved the reaction of Mama Smash.

    Finally Herc is back from China, with a slight mohawk, and is still the pariah on all things handicapped, explaining that Jason was in the one year I can walk again stage. Jason is ridiculous to believe it, but that is the thing about him he has always lived a life where if he wanted something he would go after it, and work hard enough to get it, but this is different.

    Julie passed but didn't partake, good for her, but this guy is definately not one of Dillon's finest, at least he knew not to come in between Tami. Whatever Julie is doing with this kid, it is goign to lead to trouble, I mean she has been pushing it for awhile, first hanging dangerously with Tyra and now The Swede.

    Speaking of Tyra, I was moved by her speech about how great Landry was to his dad, she put him in his place while singing his son's praises all in one speech. If that doesn't earn her an Emmy nod than I don't know.

    So the conspiring between Buddy and Coach Taylor it was like an old political film about a revolution. I can't wait to see how it falls out of Buddy's control, cause we know it will. I also thought his statement about Julie, Tami, and Gracie, well it was definately not his place no matter how right he was.

    Hopefully this is the episode that changes it for this season which has been mixed thus far.
  • Definitely one of the better episodes of the second season so far. Finally we get some things falling into place.

    All I have to say is...WOW. This episode was amazing. Some great plot twists and turns. We see Riggins following Lyla's advice and meeting her at church, which helps Riggins open his eyes and finally see a new light. He also seems to be rekindling his feelings for Lyla possibly but is still confused in it all. However, he still remains a good friend with Jason Street and decides to go to Mexico with him, after the new coach calls Jason the team mascot. On another note, we see that Julie is hanging out with the Swede and we find out that the underlining of her problems is just her dad not being around. We finally see things going semi-back to normal when Coach Taylor is offered the coaching job again by Buddy so he can be back with his family and with the town that cares for him so much, because as of yet, the team, town, and Coach Taylor's family has been falling apart without him. Hopefully all works out but I feel that there is going to be lots of revealing new story lines coming up with this new set of events happening. Maybe things will be back to normal, but maybe they won't. I also see Matt possibly hooking up with his grandmother's caretaker. Who knows!
  • Back on track!

    As the stories of Riggins, Smash and Coach Taylor take the forefront, the series is right back on track and has fans cheering. Coach Taylor's desire to return was foreshadowed heavily in last week's installment and the coaching of McGregor has made that more possible. Dillon "won ugly" and McGregor is alienating the core of his team. Riggins is ready to quit. Saracen is feeling abused as his role is diminished. Jason Street was victimized the most as he was called the "team mascot" when he was trying to do his job. The Smash story was not developed well but this is where it appeared it was headed. He is becoming the superstar at the expense of the rest of the team. As a minor note - he thinks this, his senior year, is his "recruiting year." If he is not already being recruited, he has missed the boat. Most colleges have their class rounded out at the beginning of the season. Buddy Garrity is going to be quite the enemy for the new coach and he will probably not see him coming. The new coach doesn't understand the importance of embracing both the tradition of Dillon football and the city itself. Coach Taylor could sell the program to the city and sell the tradition to the players. Coach McGregor is not doing either and this is what Buddy Garrity is likely to exploit.

    As for Riggins' comment to Lyla. This was not a line. He did experience something at church. He does feel "closer to God" when he is around her. Because when he is around Lyla, he thinks of more than himself and more of the future. Lyla became much worse than a hypocrite when she blew him off. The effect that will have on Riggins is hard to predict but will be interesting to follow.