Friday Night Lights

Season 2 Episode 2

Bad Ideas

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Coach Taylor deals with a cocky player at TMU while Tami starts breaking down.


    I read a review recently where somebody said the relationship between Landry and Tyra was developing organically and at a perfect rate, so bringing them closer together via the murder was a poor decision since it ruins all that perfectly structured development up until that point. I definitely agree with that point. It's something that wasn't exactly evident to me until I read it, and watching this episode, I can't help but agree even more. It helps, though, that the actors playing the characters are more than just your average "actors/actresses on a high school show." They give powerhouse performances here, despite the content of the plot being a bit weak.

    This episode was a big improvement over the premiere and only suffered from a huge mess of random plots and moments being introduced so suddenly. I was hoping that the show might slow down and try to do a little balancing of the football community and the character development like last year did, but unfortunately, we get very little of Smash, Sarasen or Riggins here, just like in the premiere. The little bit we get of Matt consists of one of the lamer plots of the show so far: the nurse that moves into his house to help take care of his grandmother. The nurse just seems a bit irritating, as if she's there just to create some tension when none is really needed.

    Once again, Connie Britton continues to knock it out of the park. I love the material she's being given, especially since she sells it so well. She has so many good scenes here, whether it's the scenes with her daughter, the scenes with the new guidance counselor or the touching little scene where Jason Street and her talk. Street hasn't been given much to work with, but maybe this new-found urge to move past his paralysis will give him good material (also, did they re-cast Herc? It was really jarring to see a new actor if that's what they did.)

    Right now, and as I said in the review for the last episode, the show is so close to having everything in place for a good season. But with only fifteen episodes to work with, the show's going to have to move a lot faster and work a lot harder at giving the characters better stuff to work with if it wants to be as strong, emotional and powerful as last season.

  • Setting the stage for the start of the football season.

    This episode benefits from fewer plotlines than the premiere. Eric is struggling with the major differences and moral dilemmas that come with being a small college coach compared to a big-time high school. His wife is seriously struggling at home. She is starting to question her decision to stay in Dillon, which was originally to keep her job. Now her job is falling apart and into the hands of someone who doesn't have a clue. Her daughter is drifting away and she's barely able to take care of her baby, as pointed out by her replacement at counselor.

    As one viewer noted on last week's episode, Riggins and Lyla are not done. The seed for this is planted here, but other than that, neither Riggins nor Smash get much screen time. Smash is being set up to be the big ego on the team that is lauded by the new coaches and fans and media but despised by the players. This brings us back to Eric. He is needed in Dillon. Not just by his family, but by the team. Smash will not play as a team member without Eric there to guide him and the team's morale and play will suffer. This show and the movie have always been more about the town than the team. It is clear at this point that the whole town of Dillon is suffering unknowingly from Eric Taylor's absence. His speech at the hearing for his college athlete who had wrongfully taken tickets to a concert, shows how he can steal the show in a scene. The town needs him back and so does the show. But the town revolves around the football team so it will take one or more sub par performances by the new "hillbilly" coach for the change to come. Coach McGill seems to have passed the first test but burned some bridges in the process. The pep rally went off without a hitch but he made an enemy out of Buddy Garrity, something he might regret during football season.
  • Great in spots.

    One of the many things I love about Friday Night Lights that I love so much is that despite the fact that the show is a fictional one, just about everything about the show and the stories feels authentic. I know a lot of shows have tried to acheive that quasi-documentary feel to them, some to greater success than others for humorous value, but there isn't a show out there that just captures the fact that you're getting a glimpse into the lives of these characters as much as this show.

    Which is why the whole Trya/Landry subplot is sticking out like a sore thumb. Let me first say I like some parts of where the plot is taking us. Seeing it push Tyra and Landry together is a nice touch and the scene with Landry telling Tyra she knows how he feels and that he'd do anything for her was nicely done and unflinchingly honest. (And teased exactly in the wrong way by the NBC promo that aired during The Office). And as the two sat in Landry's bedroom, kissing as the episode ended, I was reminded of the quote from Speed about relationships that begin under intense pressure don't always work out or last. That said, I'm still not sold on the melodramtic nature of the plotline itself. I'm wavering of if I think the Landry's discovery of his watch was some kind of reaction based on guilt or if it will actually become a plotline later. If it's guilt, then I like it. If it's a clue that links Landry to the murder later, I'm not going to be quite as happy.

    The rest of the episode worked for me. The unflinching honesty in portraying just how draining the separation of Eric and Tamy is was incredible. Seeing Tamy slowly fall apart in the first two episodes of this season has been incredible. Seriously, how did Connie Britton not get an Emmy nod last year? The scene in the new guidance councellor's office as Tamy loses it in front of him felt as awkward as it should have in every respect. And watching Tamy go from confident on the phone with Eric to losing it in the hospital when Grace is sick was wonderful. The look on her face when the doctor said something about her husband helping her out....yeah, just engrave her name on the Emmy statue now. It was that good.

    And Eric's situation. I think there was a lot more to the comment "I bet you were a great high school coach" than meets the eye. It's one of those compliiments that you wonder if it was really a compliment. Yes, his speech might have caused the NCAA committee to look more favorably on the spoiled athlete he defended. But I have a feeling that could come back to bite Eric, leaving him without a job and a way back to Dillon. And you can tell that he's torn--his heart isn't really in anything he's doing. He wants so desparately to be with his family, but also to follow his dream. And as we look at what's happening, it seems he's not giving his all or best to either of his roles right now because he's torn.

    And then Tamy states outloud for the first time that maybe this whole him in Austin, her in Dillon thing was a bad idea. I think we only have to look at Julie to see that bearing out. Watching last week's episode, we saw how the Taylor household functioned better with both parents there....

    Meanwhile, things aren't looking too hot for Buddy Garrity. Now while Buddy is a pain in the rear, I think Eric understood the politics of the town. You get Buddy on your side, he's loyal. I have a feeling if the team loses a game ,the new coach's supporters will turn on him and drop him like a hot potato. Which while Eric had a few stumbles early-on last year, Buddy never dropped his support. Sure, he went too far bringing in VooDoo, but Buddy never left Eric hanging out to dry. I have a feeling this is what will be the downfall of the new coach. That and he didn't come up through the Dillon ranks. If the team loses, you can bet the blame will fall to him and his new style of coaching.
  • I'm desperately waiting for 'friday night football' in Dillon to return. However, an improvement on last week. It is certainly building.

    Last week's episode was the stuff nightmares are made of. It was melodramatic, teeny and totally out of character. This week's installment, although still not up to last season's standard is a welcome improvement. I'm glad the painful to watch teetering relationship of julie and matt came to an end. The recent arrival at Matt's house could also make things very interesting. Buddy Garrity's descent from town leader into town outcast is a compelling development. Furthermore, the raw emotion shown by Tyra and Landrieu at the conclusion of the episode was superb acting and truly moving.
    However, it is now time to look at the negatives. There were still far too many. If what I think might happen between Mrs Taylor and the science teacher does occur it will be painful to watch. I really do not think this show needs any more affairs. The actions of Tim Riggins is enough to keep us all enthralled. Leyla's continued Christianity is a great annoyance and I still find it very difficult to believe her conversion will last. Also, though I'm glad Julie and Matt are finished (for the time), the 'swede' and her aren't exactly enjoyable to watch. On a side note; I do not know what the directors/producers were thinking when they tried to pass off a different actor for Street's wheelchair friend. It was disturbing and rather detrimental to the shows credibility. Bring back the football season and you can't lose.
  • Things are moving along

    After last week's somewhat surprising episode, things return to some normality with this episode.

    The show focused on Tami's struggle dealing with baby Grace without Coach Taylor to help her, and Landry's relationship with Tyra in the aftermath of their shared experience last week. On the side we had a bit of Julie/Matt and Matt's new housemate, a permanent carer for his grandma.

    The episode just moved things along really. Julie is developing in a way I don't really like. It was good to see the Landry and Tyra relationship come to fruition but I know in my head that it will come to an abrupt end in the future with regards to dead 'rapist'. Which also means everytime I see them and they are talking about the incident I keep on wondering why they didn't just report it.

    Anyway, a good episode but pretty much a filler but well written. Oh it was good to see more Coach Taylor in action too.
  • Friday Night Lights set another high standard

    I think this was one of the best episodes of Friday Night Lights. A lot happened, things I was happy with, things i hated as well. But thats a good thing, cause without the drama etc a show would be nothing. Adrianne Palicki has to be one of the best actresses on tv today. How this girl..or Connie..or the show went without any emmy nominations last year is pathetic. I really look forward to seeing what this season brings our way. I really hope the ratings don't dip either this show can not get the axe. It is incredible. Bring on next friday.