Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 21

Best Laid Plans

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Waiting for the season finale.

    Landry is struggling with wether or not he should tell anyone about Tyra being assaulted. Coach Taylor goes to Austin to talk with the people from TMU and comes back with some news that's isn't appreciated by his family at all. Waverly tells Smash that he should have 'fun' while he's at state, but Smash might not pick up on that. Jason and Suzy grow closer to each other, jeopardizing the relationship between Jason and Lyla. And Jackie tells Tim she can't see him anymore.

    Last episode before the season finale. Nothing much happened, but we're looking forward to the finale.
  • This episode is a great segue to the climax of the season!

    This was truly a terrific episode and a fine example of all that Friday Night Lights truly embodies: it is much more than a show about football. In fact, there are no football sequences the entire episode and yet the plot moved along real well and the character development was excellent. This show has so much to offer and clearly deserves a second season. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that NBC stuck with it as long as they have (given the underachieving ratings) but I really think this show can become a major hit if it finds the right time slot. Anyway, I can't wait for next week's season (hopefully not series) finale.
  • This episode left a lot of things up in the air for the season finale, and it's only second in the best episodes of the season (the best episode was the Mud Bowl).

    I was deeply shocked that Coach Taylor accepted the job offer so quickly. I would have thought the writers would put it for the last episode. But of course, the aftermath of his acception was the most gut-wrenching thing ever. Seeing Connie Britton's facial expression (especially her eyes) when the coach told her about the acceptance was so remarkably real, you can just read everything she's thinking at the moment. Then when coach Taylor tells his daughter and Julie comes to Matt's house...possibly the most heart-breaking scene in the episode.

    Ever since Tyra helped her mother get over the abusive boyfriend, I have been a fan of Tyra. And then in the last episode, something shocking happened to her. And in this episode, Landry tries to help her out, only to be put down by Tyra. Landry's character always adds such humor to the show, but man, I actually took him seriously for once. When he told Tyra that she deserved someone better than Tim Riggins and was about to confess his feelings for her, only to be interrupted by Riggins, that was the second-most heartbreaking moment in the show.

    I'm glad that Bo's mother is trying to break away from Tim, cause I really don't think it's a good dynamic to the story. I think the actress who plays the mother is great and she could stay on the show if she wants, but not as Tim Riggin's love interest. And the kid...I just don't like little kids in shows that aren't about kids...they just seem like extra annoyance to me.

    When Jason Street kissed the tatoo girl and Lyla sees them, there could have been a big explosion of drama and crying in any other show. But instead, we get the Friday Night Lights drama, quick, real and effective. Lyla throws the ring in the car and shouts 'screw you' and drives off.

    After the steroid use, Smash has really matured. He's willing to not go out partying just to be with his girlfriend. And I love that he was trying to do his best stand-up. His email joke, mediocre, was stolen by Buddy Garrity. But who knew he had an even better joke for Tim Riggins. "There's only two phrases that can put a smile on his face. Number one: we going to state. Number two: the results are in, you are not the father."

    Speaking of funniness. When the coach and Jason tagged team on Matt Saracen, ordering him around...that was priceless. And my favorite line of the night "I'll take car of Julie for ya, don't worry about it. I'll give her a nice call and tell her there's a new girl in town and that girl is me."