Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 16

Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on The 101

Episode Recap


Smash is being interviewed by the local media about the Black players that walked-out of practice. Smash tells the reporter that the issue is about the comments and thoughts of Coach Mac making assumptions about what people can do based on color. Smash mentions that he would like to see him fired.

The Football Coaches are having a meeting about replacing the players that have walked-out. Coach Taylor decides to dip into the Junior Varsity to get players.

The Panthers are practicing. They have 3 days to practice for their next playoff game. The practice is a mess. The new players do not know where to go or what to do. Tim Riggins is upset with the new Junior Varsity players. The Panthers run a play and Tim Riggins gets hit because a JV player missed an assignment. Tim is livid. Coach Taylor asks Tim to lead and stop yelling and breaking people down. Coach Taylor explains to a few JV players that they are going to be playing on Friday Night, so they have to get serious. Coach assigns Tim Riggins to the three JV players. He wants Tim to be a leader and an example to the JV players. ***theme music***

The Taylor's are watching Smash's interview on TV. Smash says that he will play on Friday night if Coach Mac McGill is fired. Tami and Coach Taylor want to talk to Julie about her friendship with Tyra. Tami is concerned about her behavior since becoming her friend because she's never skipped school until Tyra. Julie's attitude seems to have changed; she is talking back to her parents and she's bringing other things up and "throwing things" in her parents face. She mentions that they were against her for dating Matt Saracen and she suggests that they home school her. Coach Taylor tries to explain to Julie that Tyra is dragging her down. Julie says that they are being prejudice towards Tyra because of her past. Julie throws what happened with the team in their faces by saying if the team wasn't so prejudice that half the team wouldn't have walked out.

Jason is talking to Tami about his opportunity for playing on the National Rugby Team. Jason tells Tami that he is prepared to take the GED if he gets too far behind on his school work. He tells her that he is "putting all his eggs in a basket" for Quad Rugby.

Matt Saracen is hanging out with Landry and he is looking for Julie. He runs into Tyra and she can see that Matt has created a mixed CD for Julie as a present. She makes fun of Matt and his CD. Landry tries to act cool and talk to Tyra. Landry is trying to flirt with Tyra but it's not working. Tyra convinces Matt that he needs to spend money on a nice present to get in Julie's good graces.

Tim is at lunch with the JV kids that were assigned to him by Coach Taylor. Tim asks one of them a question about a play and he gets it wrong. Tim lays into his players, he's being excessively mean to the JV players but they are in a serious playoff game. Tim and the JV players walk by Smash and he's sitting with the other Black football players that have walked-out on the team.

Some of the Black players are afraid that they are going to lose their roster spot and miss an opportunity to get a college scholarship. Smash tries to reassure the players that everything will be ok.

Coach Taylor is having a meeting with all his Coach's and Mac was not invited to the meeting. Mac feels like Coach Taylor is having secret meetings without him and he's worried. Coach Taylor is upset with Coach Mac because his "apology" seemed insincere. Coach Mac feels like he did what he was asked to do when he apologized. Coach Taylor tells Coach Mac that he could be terminated as a result of everything that has happened.

Landry is telling Matt that Tyra was right about the mixed CD even though it was Landry's idea. Landry includes himself in a sentence with Tyra and Matt makes fun of him because Tyra would never date Landry in Matt's opinion. Matt is looking at rings and he only has $50 to spend. He decides to buy her a piece of jewelry with her birthstone.

Buddy Garrity visits Mac and tells him that things will be ok for him. Buddy then goes into Coach Taylor's office to talk about the game. Buddy tells Coach Taylor that they can not win the playoff game without the other players. The Boosters took a vote and said they voted to fire Coach Mac. Buddy wants to win and even though he is a friend of Mac McGill's he feels like he should be fired for the good of the team. Coach Taylor stands up for Coach Mac, for the time being.

Coach Taylor goes into Tami's office because he needs to talk. There is a student in Tami's office and Coach Taylor practically kicks her out so he can speak to his wife. Coach Taylor needs some unbiased clear advice and asked to speak to Tami as a guidance counselor. The Boosters want to fire Mac McGill but Coach Taylor doesn't want to fire him. As a "guidance counselor" she says that what he said is a reason for termination. Then Coach Taylor wants advice from his "wife" and she tells him that the team is more important then Mac McGill. Coach asks if there is anyone else he can talk to and Tami says, yes. He can talk to her as a "friend" and as a friend she feels that it's not about the team or Mac McGill but it's about himself. He has to fire him for his own reputation.

Smash is working out and talking to Waverly about his decision to walk out on the team. Smash's mother is overhearing his conversation with Waverly and she has a concerned look on her face. Waverly continues to encourage Smash and his decision. Waverly says that she knows that Mac McGill is going to get fired because the Panthers can't win without them.

Mac shows up at Coach Taylor's house. Mac is telling Coach Taylor about the way he grew up and the way his father was. Mac tells Coach Taylor that some of the beliefs may have crept into his head and he knows that he didn't mean to come off racist or in a bad light. Mac gives Coach Taylor his resignation for the sake of the team.

Tami thinks it is going to be easier for Coach Taylor now because Mac resigned. Coach Taylor says that he feels like he needs to do what is right.

Coach is being interviewed by the media and says that Coach Mac is going to be the offensive coordinator for the Dillon Panthers. Coach Taylor did not accept his resignation.

Tim is walking down the hallway and he sees Smash. Tim wonders if Smash is really not going to play and Smash says he really isn't going to play. Tim tells Smash that the team needs them and their leader back. Tim says that he's not a leader. Smash jokes with him and says that Mac said he's a natural born leader because he's White.

Jason is packing and getting ready to tryout for the Quad Rugby team. He is spending time with Lyla while he packs. Herc is honking the horn outside. Herc is outside in his truck. He's there to pick Jason up and take him to his tryout in Austin.

Julie is going to the movies with Tyra. Tyra takes Julie over to where her sister works. Julie is in a strip club with Tyra because that is where Tyra's sister works. Tyra tells Julie that she shouldn't pick up the phone until Matt calls at least 5 times. Julie picks up the phone anyway because she does like Matt and doesn't want to completely upset him. Matt tells Julie that he really wants to talk to her and wants to know where she is. Julie tells Matt that she's at the "Landing Strip" a strip club. Matt and Landry are a bit surprised to hear that she's at a strip club.

Smash's mother tells Smash that the Mac McGill situation is over. Smash feels like he can't end it because he's the leader and everyone is looking up to him. Mrs. Williams gives Smash some perspective on the situation. She tells Smash that he's a 17 years old kid and that by not playing he's not really proving anything. Her advice is for Smash to move on with his life, to play football, get a scholarship to a good school and get a degree.

Matt and Landry are at the strip club to talk to Julie. Landry is giving Matt advice on how to act in a strip club. Landry is trying to flirt with Tyra. Landry is staring at all the girls and he's not following his own advice to Matt about looking girls in the eye. Matt says that he has a lot of stuff that he wants to talk to Julie about. Landry wandered away and onto the floor of the strip club. Tyra noticed that he's missing. A police officer catches the underage kids at the club and brings them to the police station. Landry, Matt, Tyra and Julie are all at the station. Everyone gets picked up from the station except for Julie.

Coach Taylor and Tami are outside the police station purposely letting Julie stay in the holding cell for a long time. They pick Julie up and they get home. Tami asks Julie why she was at a strip club. Julie tells her that she was with Tyra and they were picking up Tyra's sister. Tami is upset because she feels like Julie is getting into trouble directly or indirectly because of Tyra. Julie continues to argue about her friendship with Tyra. Tami doesn't want Julie hanging out with Tyra at all. Coach Taylor isn't really sure what happened so Tami and Coach Taylor appear on different pages to Julie. Julie storms away to her room.

The Dillon Panther team is loading up on the School Bus getting ready to go their playoff game. Smash Williams and the rest of the players that walked out are coming back to play. Smash walks by Coach Mac and tells him that "he knows who he is" but that he's playing regardless.

The second round of the Texas High School championship playoffs for the Dillon Panthers finds the team playing against Dunston Valley. The Dunston Valley Cardinals were not expecting Smash Williams and the other Black players to play this week but they are in the line-up. The Panthers run a play to Smash Williams and he is driven hard out of bounds. Another play is run to Smash and he is tackled and driven into the ground. Smash catches a swing pass and breaks it all the way for a touchdown. The Panthers are winning 14 to 7 in the 2nd quarter. Dunston Valley ties the game up with a touchdown pass. The Dillon Panthers have the ball back. Smash Williams was hit early on a pass play but there is no penalty call. Smash gets a handoff and there is an obvious face mask on Smash and the referee's aren't calling any penalties. Coach Taylor tells Smash to keep his cool and not let the referee's get to him mentally.

Early in the 4th quarter Dillon is winning 34 to 30. The Panthers run a handoff to Smash and he breaks it up the middle and runs it all the way for a touchdown. Smash is clearly in the end zone when he is hit late and hard by a Dunston Valley Cardinal player. There is no penalty call. The defensive player is in Smash's face and Smash is trying to ignore him. The Cardinal Player calls Smash a "tar baby" Smash is walking away but then Tim Riggins levels the Cardinal Player and a big brawl breaks out on the field.

The teams are separated and are in the locker room. The two Coaches are outside awaiting the decision of the game. The game was called they will not continue the game. UIL considers 3 complete quarters a full game. The Dillon Panthers are awarded the win. The Panthers are going to leave right away; Coach Taylor doesn't even want the team to change. The team gets on the bus in full gear.

The players or on the bus and the bus is completely quiet. A police siren can be heard in the distance and the bus is eventually pulled over. Coach Taylor walks out of the bus and the police officer wants to speak to Smash Williams. The officers say that witnesses are saying the Smash threw the first punch in the brawl. Mac McGill tells the police officers that they can not get on the bus until they get a warrant. Mac makes a standoff with the police officers about getting Smash of the bus and the officers back down.

The bus ride is long and quiet and they eventually make it to school where they are celebrating outside. Coach Taylor gives his wife a hug. Smash Williams speaks to Mac and Mac tells him that the police made a mistake the same way he did. Smash gets a hug from his mother. Matt meets with Julie and wants to have a word with her. Julie tells Matt that she was worried about him when the fight broke out. Matt gives Julie her gift and asks Julie officially to be his girlfriend. Julie gives Matt a kiss and a hug.
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