Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 16

Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • one of the best episodes of the season!!!

    This episode delt witha lot of realistic issues in texas and didnt sugar coat anything they made it seem extremely real. i really liked this episode, it was well written, acted, and i as always i love the shifty camera work. also the way they showed rasism in texas was really realistic, not just this episode but all leading up to this. aha and with eric talking to julie as the guidence conculler, wife, and friend was so funny. i think they should winn some awards for the teen choice coming up for the best parents on tv... well id at least vote for them. SWEET episode
  • I hate to rain on the praise parade, but they were taking the easy way out

    Before I rain all over the praise parade, I feel its necessary to state something first... I really do enjoy the show overall. I like all the main characters and almost all of the secondary players. I like in general the universe the show exist in....

    HOWEVER (comma dramatic pause),

    In this episode the racism card was played to predictable and underwelming sucess. I had problems with the way the writers seemed to wrap up this storyline. First off I liked that Macgill stood up for Smash to the police. I don't like that the head coach didn't seem to get what was happening on the field. The other team seemed to be primarily white or all the players who were taking shots at Smash were white. All the Refs were white. Why wasn't the head coach more "sensitive" to the "atmosphere" of the game. It was obvious to me and everyone I've spoken to about this episode that the Refs were out to punish Smash for "forgetting his place". Did he agree with what they were doing. Why was he upset with the team for protecting one of their own? If Macgill hadn't stepped up what would he have done? He seemed resigned to allowing the police to take Smash into custody. Matt is a nice White kid what if he was Black? Would he allow his black Qb to date his daughter? Does he think that Smash deserved the treatment he recieved? I originally though his reluctance to fire Macgill was because he didn't want to ruin his life by having him branded as a racist forever, but in light of his actions or lack thereof speak of other motives. Could it be Macgill was saying what he has felt all along? Could it be he agreed with him and if he admitted Mac was a racist then he would be admitting that he was a racist? I don't know the answers to these questions and that is my problem with this episode.
  • One of the best episodes of the series! This episode dealt carefully with the complex problem of racism and prejudice in a small town, looking at all sides. Incredibly thought-provoking and real. Great television.

    One of the best episodes of the series hands down. I thought that the series would deal with the issue of Mac McGill's borderline racist comments heavy handedly, but it really tackled the issue with a sensitivity and clarity that I've not seen in a television show yet. It presented wonderfully the shades of grey in dealing with the consequences of McGills' statement and Smash's walkout. On one hand you have a dedicated, old assistant coach who is willing to resign and remorseful for misspeaking about stereotypes that are in play. On the other hand you have a righteously indignant Smash who struggles to figure out how to stand up for equality, and what the practical effect and consequences should be. Then the ending came which was brilliant in the way that it showed what real racism looked like, and how you need to put McGill's position in perspective. It had some football in it, but this episode was about the characters and about society as a whole. I also liked how they kept the subplots going as well, with a hilarious Landry reacting to the luscious Tyra, Julie's own points about how her parents were prejudging Tyra, and the parent's points about her rebellious and negative influence, and finally with Matt's reconciliation with Julie. Best moments of the episode:
    1. "I'm with you Riggins" "Shut up!"
    2. Smash's uneasiness to the great questions posed to him by the media. 3. "I felt something with her" "I bet you felt something"
    4. After Coach speaks to his wife as guidance counselor, wife, and friend. "The three of you scare me."
    5. McGill's heart to heart speech and offer of resignation.
    6. Mama Smash's great speech to Smash, you know how to get back at people, you play like a star, you get a scholarship into a great university and you show them.
    7. Great Landryisms "and secondly, look them in the eyes, not in the rack. That is a huge mistake."
    8. "All the other parents picked up their perps, why can't we pick up ours."
    9. The unexpected outcome of the football game.
    10. The scary showdown with the police, "you get that boy, or we'll go in and drag him out ourselves." With McGill standing firm asserting his rights to see a warrant.
    11. The haunting, weary bus ride home, set to some great music.
  • It doesn't get much better than this.

    This episode was everything that a fan of Friday Night Lights could have hoped for. It is the perfect blend of social, teenage, and football issues. NBC rightfully advertises this show as something for everyone. I've been a fan of this show from the beginning and have hoped that the show would continue on. This episode confirms that this show deserves better viewership and a continued run on NBC. I'm glad to see Matt and Julie back together because Matt is such a great guy and Julie is a sweet person (that didn't fit that well with Tyra). Go Panthers!
  • This is why I watch the show!! :) Football mixed with social issues, character development, comedy and drama, what more could you ask for.

    I love Julie and Tyra's friendship. Hopefully they can both learn from each other, but usually the bad influence wins most of the battles. Julie is starting to have a nasty attitude toward her parents. Landry and Matt are hilarious together. Landry couldn't follow his own advice in the strip club. He was staring so hard. =) :) That was funny. BUT the main theme for this episode was the racial issue. Smash's mother is my hero. What Mac McGill said was wrong but things definitely got way out of control and she was there to calm Smash down and set him straight. Coach Taylor stuck by Coach Mac even thought EVERYONE wanted to see him get fired including Mac's friend Buddy Garrity. Coach Taylor fought for what was truly right and I thought that was great. Smash and the other Blacks that walked-out decide to play. As a result the team is discriminated against by the referee's. That basically united the team and gave Tim a fresh look at what discrimination is all about and Tim came through and stuck up for his teammate, Smash on the field. In the middle of all this drama the Panthers won the football game and will move on in the playoffs. Coach Mac stuck up for Smash Williams at the end with the police and apologized to Smash for making a mistake.
  • Amazing episode, deals with the racial issues as well as character development. Best episode this season

    This had to be the best episode this season, just because of how great the storyline was, how the team persevered, how the coaches stuck together. Dillon Football! I also liked how Matt and Julie are back together, and it showed how Tyra's character is really a bad influence on anyone. I liked how Riggins stuck up for Smash when the White football player was talking trash. I also liked how Coach stuck to his guns and didn't give in to the pressure. I hope that the next episode is just as good, because this episode really makes me excited.