Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 16

Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on The 101



  • Quotes

    • Coach Taylor: Listen to me. Everything hangs in the balance right here. I have a question and I need some advice from you.
      Tami: Alright.
      Coach Taylor: I need to talk to the guidance counselor, not my wife. I need some unbiased, clear, honest advice. Everything hangs in the balance.
      Tami: Alright, sit down. Come on, sit down.
      (Both Coach and Tami sit down)
      Coach Taylor: The Boosters and Buddy want me to fire Mac McGill. I don't wanna fire Mac McGill. Mac McGill is a damn good coach and Mac McGill is important for me in the playoffs. I thought this was going to end a while ago, I didn't think it would go on as far as it did, I was wrong.
      Tami: So what's the question?
      Coach Taylor: The question is what do I do about firing Mac McGill?
      Tami: What did he say?
      Coach Taylor: Honey, you heard what he said. Everyone heard what he said.
      Tami: I know, I know what he said. I want to review, let's review. Let's review the events.
      Coach Taylor: About Smash Williams he said the black players have a gift for running the ball. That they're fearless.
      Tami: Right. Fearless, they've got a gift. Wasn't there something else in that little phrase?
      Coach Taylor: He said the thing about the junkyard dog thing, as far as the players like Matt Saracen.
      Tami: You mean the white players?
      Coach Taylor: Yes, the white players. He said they don't have the physicality. But he said they have more creative thinking which makes them more suited to lead. That's what he said. It was a stupid thing to say. I understand.
      Tami: Well, I mean, as the guidance counselor I gotta say that that, to me, is a fireable offense. (Emphatically) What he said.
      Coach Taylor: Alright let me talk to my wife. Let me talk to the person who cares about me and cares about the team, and also has to understand the relevance and the importance to our future of us winning the regional.
      Tami: There is nothing more clear to me that your team is way more important to you then Mac McGill.
      Coach Taylor: Is there anyone else I can talk to?
      Tami: You can talk to your friend.
      Coach Taylor: What does she have to say?
      Tami: This is not about Mac McGill, it's not about the team. This is about you. You've been put in this posistion now where you've got to make the decision. If you don't fire him at this point you are condoning what he said.
      Coach Taylor: Honey he said something stupid, he's not a racist. He's a friend.
      Tami: I know, but that is not something for a kids' assistant coach to say. No less for a government employee, which is what he is.
      (Coach stands up, opens the door and starts to leave)
      Coach Taylor: The three of you scare me.

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