Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on DirecTV

Episode Recap


The Dillon Panthers are in the middle of their playoff game and they are winning comfortably. Coach Taylor calls a play and Matt isn't so sure about it. It's a trick play: Slot right 28 gun sling on 1. Matt Saracen hands the ball off to Fullback Tim Riggins and then he pitches the ball to Tailback Smash Williams and then Smash throws the ball back to the Quarterback Matt Saracen who is wide open and he catches the pass for a touchdown. The Panthers win 30 to 10.

Coach Taylor talks to the team after the victory and tells the team that he's damn proud of them. Smash leads the cheers with the players.

Coach Mac is talking to the press; there is a male reporter and a female reporter. Coach Mac says that guys like Smash are fearless and that they are like junkyard dogs. He says that players like Smash, Baxter and even Voodoo Tatom have an ability to run the football. He believes that Smash shouldn't play quarterback because he's not smart enough to play a position that's suited for Matt Saracen. Coach Taylor stops Mac in the middle of his interview and pulls him into his office to talk. **theme music**

"Mac McGill didn't use the word Monkey, he said Junkyard dogs". The words of Mac McGill are resonating throughout the community and they are talking about it on the Panther Radio Program. Smash Williams and his family are looking at a new house. Smash doesn't really see the big deal that people are making about Coach Mac. Smash's mother is more concerned about looking at a house that they want to buy.

Julie and Tyra are in Tami's office. Julie skipped some forbidden Matt is hanging out with Landry and he thinks that Julie is going to hate him because he picked her fourth on his Powderpuff team. Landry starts to talk about pheromones and how Julie will be attracted to a certain smell. Landry thinks that Matt should use the same soap that Julie's dad uses. Matt is creeped out by Landry's thoughts. Mac is on TV and he makes a public apology for the statements that he made during his interview. Some of the Black players do not like the apology that he gave but Smash and some others aren't really bothered by what he said and accept the apology. Waverly takes the racial comments a lot more seriously and walks out of the diner.

Tyra is walking with Julie down the hallway and she's still complaining about the Powderpuff game that they have to participate in. Lyla makes a joke about Tyra on the team and Tyra decides that she's going to get real into Powderpuff this year.

Smash tells Waverly that he's not Jesse Jackson. He feels like Matt and Riggins have the same responsibility as he has to talk to the football team about problems. Smash tells Waverly that he just went through some real drama (steroids) and that he really can't worry about the racial stuff right now.

Jason is back in forbidden The Powderpuff game is on and the ladies are playing flag football. Julie is the quarterback for Matt's team and Lyla is the quarterback for Tim's team. Tim is screaming at his team and coaching them up. Tyra looks up in the stands and notices Buddy talking to her mother and on the next play Tyra rushes Lyla and tackles her and doesn't just pull her flag. Tyra gets upset with Lyla because of her mother but Lyla still thinks that she might be upset about Tim Riggins. Play continues and Julie gets sacked by Lyla when she pulls Julie's flag. Coach Taylor gets upset at Landry who is refereeing the game, and has some words for him. The game is tied 14-14. The game could end in a tie but Matt's team has one more play to run. Julie wants to call a play that her and her dad, Coach Taylor went over. Julie does a 25 right sprint option and takes the ball herself down the field. Matt runs with her down the field as Julie scores and Matt's team wins.

At a bar called the Hole in the Wall, Herc and Jason go over to hang out. Jason has been invited to training camp in Austin for the National Team in Quad Rugby. Herc warns him that the training is rigorous and that they have 4 open spots.

Mrs. Williams is all of a sudden not able to get the house that she pre-qualified for. Smash and his mother are upset that the loan was taken back and they accuse the bank of racism. Smash gets really upset and his mother sets him straight about acting up in public.

Lyla comes over to visit Jason and she asks him a question. She asks Jason if he thinks she's a spoiled snob. Jason tells her that he thinks she is a little but then he says he's joking. Jason tells Lyla that he was invited to Nationals (Quad Rugby). Jason doesn't feel like he's fitting in at school. He's thinking about dropping out and getting his GED. He wants to go to Austin and tryout.

Tami is running her Forum to talk about the racial tension. Tami wants everyone to talk and listen and not argue. Landry says that his DNA could be closer to someone in Kenya then to someone that he's sitting next to at the moment, he thinks it is how people socialize and not their DNA. Waverly wants to talk about what Mac says and thinks that they need more forums because people are acting like racism doesn't exist. Then a bigger argument breaks out between the Whites and Blacks in the forum and it escalates to the point that Tami has to break everyone up.

Coach Mac is watching game film when Smash Williams walks in to talk to him. Smash wasn't to talk to Coach Mac about what he said. Coach Mac doesn't want to talk to Smash about anything. Coach Mac threatens to bench Smash if he continues to whine about what he said.

Tami comes into the house exhausted and frustrated after the Forum. She tells , Coach Taylor, her husband that it didn't go very well. Hardly anyone showed up and she describes how all the kids were screaming and yelling and calling each other names. Coach tells Tami that she did a good thing by giving them a place to express themselves. "You're my wife and I'm damn proud of you".

Smash is meeting with the Black players on the team at church. Waverly gives him the keys so that he can use the church as a meeting place.

The next day at practice Matt is talking to Smash about maybe talking to the team but Smash dismisses Matt. Smash's mind is made up after trying to talk to Coach Mac and meeting with the other Black players.

Mac starts practice and asks the team to start running on his whistle. He blows his whistle and everyone runs accept Smash and the players that were at his church meeting. They protest Coach Mac and don't run and then they remove their helmets and walk off the practice field in protest.