Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on The 101

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  • Another great installment

    The issue of race and how it affect the Dylon Panthers was briefly brought up in the first episode of Friday Night Lights (now available as a free download on iTunes…go now and watch if you haven’t seen it!). And now, fifteen episodes later it comes back…

    After winning their first playoff game and using a half-back option pass from Smash to Scarasen, Coach Mac is drawn into an on-the-record conversation with a reporter. In the interview, Mac says some things he shouldn’t, sticking his foot squarely in his mouth. By Monday, the talk radio show has blown the story out of proportion and has news outlets across the state turning their eye on the Panthers. In light of the issues with Smash, such scrutiny is not a good idea. Taylor orders Mac to issue a public apology, but its too little, too late (and not exactly the most effective apology in the world either). The issue is now out and the town is caught up in the debate, leading to lots of resentment and hurt feelings on both sides.

    At first, Smash is not concerned about it. He’s just getting his swagger back and is only concerned about Smash. But as the episode progresses, he becomes drawn into the debate, culminating with his mother being turned down for a home loan (she was pre-approved) In one of the great scenes of the episode, Smash’s mother tells him not to lose it at the bank and to act dignified–to walk away and not give the people there any more to talk about. Smash calls a meeting of the African-American players at the church and the episode ends with them walking off the football field in protest.

    So what happens next? Well, I figure we can assume Smash and the other players will be back…but how will Taylor react? Remember that just last week, Taylor stretched out his neck for Smash and now this happens. Again, the scrutiny on the Panthers and Smash could lead to Smash’s steroid use coming to light and that would be bad for everyone….

    Tami tries to help things out by having a forum to discuss the issues at school–but it quickly descends into a near fight by both sides. Tami’s frustration at trying to do the right thing and having it fail was nicely done. And it was a rough episode for her. Julie is hanging out with Tyra and the influence is not good. Julie skips three gym classes. As punishment, she and Tyra and put on the powderpuff football teams–with Scarasen as Julie’s coach. This is not good since Julie is still peeved at Matt for his antics last week and lying to her. Though it does lead to another great scene as Taylor finds out she cut class. He is stern with her, until he finds out she’s been made QB of her squad. He almost dance down the hall after her and holds a practice session in the yard with her to run plays. Again, it’s nice to have a light moment like this in all of the heavy drama going on.

    Meanwhile, Jason Street returns to school and finds the obstacles before him greater than he thought–to the point he’s thinking of dropping out and pursuing a spot on the national Rollerball team and getting his GED instead. This does not sit well with Lyla…I think this may be leading to them breaking up.

    Which would be good with Buddy Garrity…assuming he could stop flirting with Tyra’s mom. I figured this was where this plotline was going, but I’m intrigued to see where it will lead.

    All of that in one episode–and it never felt like one plotline was more compelling than the others. The show once again has a fine balance between the various plot threads, making all of them interesting and leaving me yearning for more next week.

    I’m going to be very upset if this show does not get a second season…
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