Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Pure utter PC garbage. I never thought this show would sink to that level.

    I'm sick and tired of seeing people bandstand about race and comments made about it. You know who is pushing each other farther apart? Blacks. Yes I use the term Blacks because we are "whites" and when did they come from Africa? Oh 100's of years ago but still we have to hear them refuse to accept blacks as okay terminology. We see Smash that is going in the right direction. Knowing that the comments people make aren't always what they seem. Of course they then play up on the coach being super ultra racist inside.

    When I see a show sink to the level of race it concerns me. The reason is that shows like THOSE are the ones that push people farther apart. There will always be people that believe a certain race should exist or that they are inferior. What else can you do?

    What made it even sadder is that they show seperation of blacks and whites okay. You have Saracen trying to talk with Smash and him playing the angry black man. You have Riggens trying to tell him to cool down his friends so they can all get along. But of course that's a slap in the face somehow.

    I am not racist. I feel that everyone no matter what culture, race, or background should be given a chance. What I don't agree with is how I'm force to say I'm okay with the ghetto attitude. If you dress like a thug and act like the thug speaking street language I will lose respect for you. Speak like an intelligent human being and maybe I can actually respect you. But that's racist. Everything is racist. But only white on blacks. Black on whites seem to not exist. Yeah, a lot of bad things happened a long time ago. First of all, there is no one living that went through slavery currently. Second of all, the best way to seperate ourselves is to fight about race. How else are we going to move on if we can't accept that the past was bad but the future is important? Third, the reason closeminded people hate blacks is because of upbringing and media. The media portrays blacks as crooks and drug dealers. Rappers go on and on about girls and money and guns and violence. Then they turn around and say all this stuff about whites being racist. The culture that blacks have adopted that learning and living a clean life is a "white" thing and your selling out is the saddest thing I've ever heard. No wonder why terrorists hate us. We are incredibly dumb.

    The episode is pandering to the crowds of people. They didn't want to push the envelope. They just wanted to sell PC crap to teens to push a further wedge into this society. Everything gets blurred and focused on this issue. They could have played up a lot more of different sides in the episode instead of whites hate blacks, blacks need to stick together, and Texas is a breeding ground for hate. As I said, some people will never learn. But for the rest of us, if you want our respect dress non gangster, talk non street, and don't portray the crime that we hear about in our cities and such. Maybe then we will respect you and life will be peaceful.