Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

Coach Taylor and Tami are looking at houses. Tami is talking about looking for a new job in Austin. Julie walks in and realizes they are talking about moving; she's upset about moving again. She doesn't want to leave Dillon and Matt Saracen.

Jason is playing Quad Rugby. Jason is having a great game and the Coach's are proud of him. At the end of practice, Jason gets a verdict on whether or not he will make the team. Jason is not going to Beijing, he has not made the team. The coaches ask him to come back in 4 years.

Jason is upset about not making the team. Herc is partying and he tells Jason that Coach Gumbie loved him. Jason feels like he was the best person out there playing but that he wasn't able to break through with the Coaches and the established team that they already have. Jason is apologetic to Susan about the way he was acting. He apologizes for being disappointed and being mean. Jason is stuck for a week but Susan offers him a ride. He doesn't have to stay an extra week.

There is a knock on the door at Tim's place. Tim answers the door and his new single-mom neighbor asks him not to clean the rain gutters and then she asks Tim to pick up Bo, her son. She gives Tim the keys to her house so he can drop Bo off at home.

Tyra gets a new schedule from Tami to help boost her academics. Tyra is resistant to the fact that she could get through college. Tami thinks that Tyra could be different and that she should believe in herself.

Waverly is telling Smash that she was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. She wasn't in Africa but she was with her Aunt and that she was in an outreach program. Smash doesn't really understand what is going on with her. Waverly tells Smash that her mood swings get really bad and that they are extreme. Smash is a little freaked out from what he hears.

Buddy is in a hotel room with Lyla looking at pictures. Lyla doesn't want to take sides and thinks that maybe her mother deserves more time. Buddy confesses that he's a sinner and that he was weak but that it was one mistake and that he'll never do anything to hurt the family again.

Tim stops by to pick Bo up and he can see that Bo is being picked on. Tim threatens the kids that are surrounding Bo. Tim apologizes to Bo for being late. Bo is just excited that Tim Riggins is picking him up from school.

Coach Taylor is trying to talk to Julie about living in Austin. He is trying to be positive about the place. Tami is trying to signal her husband to stop talking about Austin because it is upsetting Julie but he keeps going. Julie is still upset and she walks away.

Matt is worried about having a bad game in the next playoff game. Landry calls him Coach Taylor's "Seabuscuit". Landry believes that as long as Coach Taylor is at Dillon Matt will never be second string again. Julie keeps quiet about the possibility of the Taylor's moving.

Jason is telling Susan about his lawsuit and then Susan tells Jason that he doesn't have to be in Dillon if he doesn't like it there. Jason says he isn't going anywhere because Dillon is still home. Susan talks about seeing Stonehenge II. Jason and Susan decide to stop by.

Tami is talking to Tyra's mother about her and how she wants to help her with her academics. Tami wants to work with her mother to motivate Tyra into being better with academics. Tyra's mother thinks that she's doing well enough already.

At home Tyra's mother is gossiping while Tyra is trying to do homework. She has the TV up loud when a Buddy Garrity commercial comes on TV. She distracts Tyra even more and says that they should go out and get a pedicure.

Jason and Susan are at the Stonehenge II and Jason is telling her about how he became engaged. Jason tells Susan about Lyla sleeping with Tim and he felt like he was going to lose her and so he proposed. Jason confesses that he's different with Susan and he finds her easy to talk to. Jason and Susan start to kiss.

Julie is still upset. Coach Taylor is dancing with his wife; they are practicing for the Father Daughter dance. Julie doesn't want to go to the dance but Tami gets upset and tells them both that they are going to the Father and Daughter dance whether they want to or not.

Tim is teaching Bo how to fight when his mother drives up and sees Bo learning how to throw punches. Bo says that he's learning how to fight. Bo's mother is upset that he's learning how to fight. Tim tells her about being late and that Bo was surrounded by four boys and that he needs to learn how to protect himself. Tim tells her that he was a bully and that he needs to learn how to fight in the fourth grade. She allows Tim to teach him how to fight. Tim is also invited to watch a movie.

Tyra is at the Taylor's house and Coach Taylor offers to give Tyra some "award winning" chili. Tyra's mother comes by to pick up Tyra. Tyra's mother is upset that Tyra's at the Taylor's house and then she tells Tyra that she's not going to college and says that she's getting her head filled with ideas and dreams that she's not going to be able to fulfill.

Tim is watching the movie and Bo falls asleep along side Tim, his mother is laying down as well. Tim picks Bo up and takes him to bed. Tim kisses Bo's mother and she rejects him calling him a "kid" and then she asks him to go home.

Jason is back home and then Lyla comes in to visit. Jason tells her that he's upset and that he didn't make the team. Jason is putting his trophies away. Lyla wants to know why he hasn't called. Jason keeps brushing her off. Jason tells Lyla that he got a ride from Susan. Jason says that he feels confused. Lyla doesn't. Lyla asks Jason if he wants to be engaged to her and Jason says that he doesn't know.

Buddy comes home and says that Lyla helped him put a picture book together and he apologizes. His wife doesn't want to talk to him right now. Pam is sick of everything. Lyla comes downstairs and wants her mother to give him a chance after just one mistake. Lyla's mother tells Lyla about other affairs that Buddy has had. Buddy has slept with other secretaries, after hearing about his many mistakes Lyla yells out the door for Buddy to leave.

Coach Taylor is telling Tami that Julie will like Austin. Tami knows that Julie is in love with Matt and that is why she's having such a hard time about moving.

Jason is trying to buy some beer. Tim walks into the store and he buys some beer using a fake ID "Sergeant Riggins". Jason is laughing. Smash is outside with Matt in a car. Smash sees Jason and he gets happy and wants to know if Jason wants to go out with them.

The four guys, Smash, Tim, Matt and Jason end up at the Football Stadium. Smash is pushing Jason around on the field and telling them that Waverly is crazy. Smash is avoiding her calls, ducking out, hiding in the bushes. Tim is on the PA in the announcer's booth. Tim is running on the field after yelling on the microphone…he's drinking. Matt is getting scared that he'll get in trouble for being in the stadium. Smash says he has nothing to worry about because he doesn't have a crazy girlfriend. Tim admits that he was trying to make out with his next door neighbor. Jason says the chair says….he wins the person with the biggest problem award. Matt doesn't think that he'll be able to take the team any further and that he can't help and that he's better off being on the bench. Jason tells Matt that if he wants to play big, he'd better think big. Jason decides that he's going to coach Matt up. Matt is running plays with Jason coaching him, Tim and Smash are running routes for him.

Coach Taylor is outside with Julie and he wants to talk to her about Matt. He apologizes to Julie about being insensitive about her relationship with Matt. He also tells her that she's 15 years old and that she deserves respect and her opinion heard but that she can't dictate the direction of the family. Julie says that she felt like she wanted to vomit when she heard they were moving to Dillon but that things have changed. Julie says that she felt like Dillon was home and that her dreams felt like they were coming true in Dillon.

Tyra is out with her mother. Tyra is upset and wants to know what is wrong with her mother. Tyra is trying to talk but her mother is upset and then she wants to leave. Tyra is continuing to get discouraged by her mother. Tyra admits that she does want to go to college and that she thinks that she can but she doesn't believe she can do it without the support of her mother.

Coach Taylor is at the Father-Daughter dance with Julie. Tyra's mother drives off and runs into the Father-Daughter dance with Tyra. Tyra's mother promises that she will help and support Tyra and she dances with Tyra at the Father-Daughter dance.

Lyla is upset about Jason and what is going on at home with her parents. She is at the dealership and she takes her car and rams it into a couple of cars before driving it through the showroom window.

Tim and Jason are talking at the field. They decide that they are going to be friends again…"Texas forever".

Tim drives home and his neighbor is at his house. He asks her where Bo is and he's at piano practice. Tim apologizes for the other night. Tim is invited in and she tells Tim that Bo can never know what is going on and they start to kiss and sleep together.

Coach Taylor tells the people at TMU that his family needs time to decide on whether or not he will take the job and move to Austin.