Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

    I love that they finally got all the guys together since I love the guys scenes in this where they all go down to the field to drink and talk and play football you know teenage guy stuff and it becomes more than that it mends a friendship it, it eases fears about being inadequate and about being with someone who may not be normal but may be so much more than that . Also the whole Tami helping Tyra thing was great and who doesn’t look little Bo Miller even though he can be extremely annoying at times but I melt when he says “Hey Tim Riggins!”
  • Well, this episode didn't really have a plot of it's own - except for the Tim/next door mom development at the end. Still, everything was handled so beautifully that it just didn't matter.

    Let me start and say: I'm from Oklahoma. It's part of the bible belt. It's not a PC part of the country at all. And the people here - obsessed with football. People from the two states may hate each other, but we're pretty much the same in this. The best compliment I could give a show like this is to say that it could very well be set in my home town. Well, here goes: Friday Night Lights could very well be set in my hometown. It is that realistic. The storylines may occasionally be more than I've ever run into in my lifetime - but the characters are the most real I've ever seen.

    Let's start with Julie. In this episode she's being an whiny brat about moving to Austin when her father is offered a job at TMU. She behaved just how any normal 15-year girl would. I love their family dynamics: they have their fights, their problems, but they are the portrait of a functional family despite what they have to overcome. It isn't easy to have that. And then there is Tim. He has so many issues and he doesn't know how to handle them. He doesn't make the best choices, and I think he knows that. Sometimes I just want to yell at him, but what can I do? He's a teenager. I'm not sure what he's thinking with this single mom, but it's only going to end in pain for him, just like everything else has. Even after all he's done, I still feel horribly for him.

    There's so much more I could say, but it would take forever. If you want to know what was so good about this episode, watch it. You won't be disappointed at all.
  • One of the best character episodes of Friday Night Lights, which captures the best moments of life with such casual sincerity and insight, that I'm simply in awe.

    The two best scenes of this episode have to be Julie's talk with her father in the car, where she says that she knows that it's her father's dream to become a college football coach, but that she has dreams too, and they're coming true right here. An amazing job by the writing staff in capturing with such sincerity and emotion this honest moment between father and daughter. The second best episode was the reunited Panthers sharing their stories and drinking beers on the football field. When Matt confesses his insecurities, Street takes the chance to teach him a thing or two. The scene just captures the joy and comfort these guys have just being together, playing football, and supporting each other. Definitely impressed by Street's awesome coaching skills and the way he can be firm, direct, and instill confidence in Matt. The simply glory of enjoying a night out with the guys is summed up in the final scene, where Street and Riggins make a great Texas joke, while affirming their bond of friendship. These are the moments that tv and film are made for. To develop a drama that captures the best honest human moments in life, and FNL does it better than any other show I've seen yet. Friday Night Lights forever!
  • Amazing!!!

    I'm from Spain and we're amazing how this show is becoming, this was second best episode of this season, the best for me was 1x16, and a lot of people in Spain is watching it via p2p.

    I'm doing subtitles so friends of mine and a lot of online-friends could watching it, it's very shocking how a show that is set and located on the other side of a ocean could be so near and the Taylors are the most beautiful couple in television I could see in many years.

    Love this show!!!

    I think the last episodes of the season would be....awesome ;)
  • The character development in this series is amazing.

    Unlike many shows where the viewer does not get a lot of insight into the character's personal lives, that is nearly all Friday Night Lights is about. It's enjoyable to watch a show and know that the characters are being portrayed so realistically the viewer can identify and sympathize with them. It was intriguing to see the town mogul (Buddy Garrity) fall from the limelight and then have it revealed that this is not his first 'error' in that manner. I also loved that Jason and Tim mended their broken friendship. Now that Jason is moving on from Lyla he can put some of his anger at Tim behind him. Jason showing Matt how to play football - that was classic. Maybe Jason will end up being the assistant coach for Dillon, along side Coach Taylor. Tim and the neighbor lady. Loved it! Reminds me of all those stories in the news lately about teachers having affairs with much younger students. Not exactly classy, but it happens none the less. So the Taylor's are considering the TMU offer. I guess in the words of others, an acceptance means the end of a great show and a rejection means a second season. Turn 'em down Eric. FNL is a great show and deserves a second season. There is plenty of room for growth!
  • 2nd best episode of the season

    Wow...this episode was so well written and showed all of the great story lines going on in the show. First the Julie Matt situation and Coach moving to TSU, Tyra being motivated to become successful, Matt Saracen learning some tricks from Jason Street (that entire scene was awesome), Riggins hooking up with the neighbor and finally appearing like he's on his way to becoming a man (he's not as crazy as he was earlier in the season), then Jason Street and his character evolving...I love how the directors have found a way to show all of these great stories in about 42 minutes of running time (ignoring commercials), that's what truly amazes me. It feels like the show is just continuing to grow, and I truly hope that NBC doesn't make a foolish decision to cancel this show.
  • Boring

    I was so disappointed with this episode... No football was played except in teh last 10 mintues for a mintue or so, kinda boring. The show was about this father daughter dance thing and how they are moving to Austin, But at the end the girl doesnt want to move and her father decides to take extra time to think abotu the move for teh sake of his daughter, who is in love. This show was doing well but that episode was a waster of my time. I really hope the last three are much better for the season end.
  • The true characters of everyone came out today!!! One of the best episodes of the season for sure. I tend to watch the Pilot over and over to see Jason Street with the rest of the crew so tonight's episode was extra great for me.

    Great episode. Tim is teaching Bo how to fight and sleeps with his mom...just like everyone predicted. Jason didn't make the Rugby team and had doubts about being engaged to Lyla. Lyla thought her father only made one mistake but when she found out it was many then she took her mother's side. Buddy is out the house. Julie is upset about possibly moving away from Dillon and Matt. Coach Taylor is going to hold off on his decision; he's considering her feelings in his decision. Smash is freaked out by Waverly's condition and calls her "crazy" and has been avoiding her. Tyra is getting discouragement from her mother about going to college but before the episode is over she decides to be a positive influence for her daughter...BUT the thing that made this show a 10 was when Jason went to buy some beer and Sergeant Riggins :D :) shows up to buy some beers and the whole crew gets together at the football field. Matt, Jason, Tim and Smash...classic moment. That segment made the show.