Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on DirecTV

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  • The character development in this series is amazing.

    Unlike many shows where the viewer does not get a lot of insight into the character's personal lives, that is nearly all Friday Night Lights is about. It's enjoyable to watch a show and know that the characters are being portrayed so realistically the viewer can identify and sympathize with them. It was intriguing to see the town mogul (Buddy Garrity) fall from the limelight and then have it revealed that this is not his first 'error' in that manner. I also loved that Jason and Tim mended their broken friendship. Now that Jason is moving on from Lyla he can put some of his anger at Tim behind him. Jason showing Matt how to play football - that was classic. Maybe Jason will end up being the assistant coach for Dillon, along side Coach Taylor. Tim and the neighbor lady. Loved it! Reminds me of all those stories in the news lately about teachers having affairs with much younger students. Not exactly classy, but it happens none the less. So the Taylor's are considering the TMU offer. I guess in the words of others, an acceptance means the end of a great show and a rejection means a second season. Turn 'em down Eric. FNL is a great show and deserves a second season. There is plenty of room for growth!