Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on DirecTV



  • Trivia

    • When Tyra and her mother are in the diner, they leave because her mother doesn't want to be with "all these dads and daughters with their flowers" a 'dad' is shown sitting at a table. They leave and go almost immediately to the father-daughter dance, they skip the line. But on the dance floor, the dad from the diner(this time with his glasses on) is already calmly dancing with his daughter.(twin brother?)

    • Stonehenge II
      Susan: How about Stonehenge II?
      Jason and Susan go to visit Stonehenge II.
      Stonehenge II is a replica of the original Stonehenge monument. It can be found in Hunt, Texas.

  • Quotes

    • Jason: (to Matt) You hit the slants, you hit the posts, they'll respect you - you hit this pattern, they will fear you!

    • Matt: Alright, so maybe my problems aren't as big as your all's but...look, I'm just not going to be able to take this team any further. Bryan's line is huge, I may have gotten us to the semi finals but that's it. I am going to let this whole town down. Their defense line could probably beat me in the forty. I don't understand how I can help. I'd be doin' better off on the bench.
      Jason: Saracen, you wanna play big you have to think big, alright? I'll show you how.

    • (watching Matt and Smash passed out on the field)
      Riggins: That is soo Brokeback, man.
      (Street laughs)
      Riggins: Friends?
      Street: Yeah. Always. Texas forever.
      Riggins: Texas forever, man.

    • Julie: I've been moving around my entire life, and for the first just felt like I was at home. And..and..I know going to Austin and being some college football coach is your dream. But I have dreams too...and they're coming true right here.
      Eric: I hear ya...

    • Waverly: So basically they diagnosed me with a bipolar disorder.
      Smash: A bipolar disorder?
      Waverly: Yeah.
      Smash: So last year when you was in Africa.
      Waverly: No, I wasn't in Africa. I was staying by my Aunt's place in Dallas. They put me in this like outreach program at St. Vincent's hospital.
      Smash: So that means—what does that mean?

    • Matt: So, what you mean she's bipolar?
      Smash: It means she's crazy.
      Jason: Look, Matt, it just means she's got issues just like everyone else in this town.

    • Tyra: That's completely unrealistic Mrs. Taylor. Do you understand? My Mom didn't go to college. My sister barely got her GED. Nobody in my family has gone past High School, if that. What, you think that I can be any different? Really?
      Tami: I do, and I think that you should too.

    • Julie: Who's looking for a job? We're moving again aren't we?
      Tami: Honey, your father was offered an amazing job at TMU in Austin.
      Julie: Well, that's good, that's good because guess what, I'm not going. I'm really, I'm not going.

    • Lyla: Why'd you do it? Why didn't you think about it Dad?
      Buddy: Lyla, your dad's a sinner, I'm a weak man, but it was one mistake. I swear Lyla, I will never, ever do anything to hurt this family again honey. I swear.

    • Tim: If I ever so much see you look at this kid the wrong way I'm gonna find you, I'm gonna punch a hole in your chest and rip your heart out. Are we clear?
      Bully: Yeah.
      Tim: You sure?
      Bully: Yeah.
      Tim: Now get outta here.

    • Susan: It's hard for me to understand why anybody would want to be somewhere where there not wanted.
      Jason: It's home. Only home I've ever know. It's just. I can't imagine I'll be going anywhere anytime soon.
      Susan: How about Stonehenge II?
      Jason: Stonehenge II?

    • Lyla: How did you get home, isn't Herc still in Austin?
      Jason: I got a ride.
      Lyla: From who?
      Jason: Suzy, actually. The, uh, tattoo artist.
      Lyla: Yeah, I remember
      Jason: She had a refrigerator in the back of her truck she had to drop off in Barton, so uh
      Lyla: Sounds good, sounds like a win-win.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Seabiscuit

      Landry: You're his Seabiscuit.

      Seabiscuit is the story of a race horse by the same name that went from being nothing to being a winner and admired by many.

    • (When he and Jason see Smash and Matt sleeping next to each other after spending the night partying at the stadium)
      Tim: That is so Brokeback!

      Reference to the movie Brokeback Mountain, which starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall as cowboys who become homosexual lovers as they go to that particular location every now and then to keep their affair secret.

    • The title of this show Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes is an allusion to a David Bowie song called Changes.
      "Changes" was a single by David Bowie, taken from the album Hunky Dory. "Changes" is one of Bowie's best-known songs. Released in 1972.