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After learning that there's going to be a Crucifictorious reunion on a just-announced Parenthood web series, I couldn't help but think that there simply must be a better way to connect the Bravermans with Jason Katims' other heartbreaking family drama, Friday Night Lights.
Not only does it not make sense for Derek Phillips to reprise his role as Billy Riggins—he's already appeared on Parenthood as someone else—but it's even more ridiculous to believe these two series exist in the same universe, as Phillips isn't the only one who's played a different role on the NBC drama. Minka Kelly (Lyla Garrity/Gaby), Michael B. Jordan (Vince Howard/Alex), and Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty/Ryan York) have all appeared in major arcs as characters who are not their Dillon, Texas alter egos. But if NBC and Katims don't mind that pesky detail, neither do I. And although a Crucifictorious reunion does fit within the Luncheonette setting, there are plenty of better options for crossovers between the shows. Here are five characters I'd rather see in the world of Parenthood than Landry Clarke and Billy Riggins...

1. Tim Riggins
Tim Riggins is my go-to answer for life's most difficult questions, and I'm a firm believer that he makes everything better (except for all the stuff he makes worse), but knowing Mae Whitman's love for the character, why would NBC and Katims want to keep her from living out her dreams of marrying the guy? Sure, Amber just went through a really rough breakup, but what better way is there to get over losing Matt Lauria/Luke Cafferty/Ryan York than with Tim freaking Riggins? I mean, really.

2. Grandma Saracen
I thought about suggesting Matt, but he's off living out his dreams with Julie Taylor, and Parenthood could really use some laughter. Grandma Saracen is kind of the best, and you just know she'd light up the Braverman household. Remember when she told Landry he looked like a funny little creature? Ten points to Grandma Saracen.

3. Mindy Collette

Over the course of Friday Night Lights' five seasons, Mindy grew quite a bit as a character, and I feel like she was really coming in to her own when the series ended. So this is me selfishly trying to spend more time with the woman who went from being a character who wanted Finding Nemo as her wedding vows to becoming a rock for Becky.

4. Tami Taylor
It would only take one harsh-but-well-meaning life-coaching session for every single one of the Bravermans to be a better person. Seriously.

5. Hastings Ruckle


Which Friday Night Lights characters would YOU like to see visit the Braverman clan?

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