Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 8

Crossing the Line

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2006 on The 101
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Julie thinks about going on a date with Matt. A discouraged Smash turns to foul play to improve his on-pitch performance. Cheered by Lyla and Tim, Jason has his first quad rugby game. A dinner turns into a fight for Coach Taylor, Tami, Riggins and his brother.moreless

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  • It did improve in some way.

    It did improve in some way. I still am having problems with its to serene style I know it is Texas but couldn't it be more livelier well I don't mean to offend anybody it is just that it needs more improvement but it is getting there actually I am glad that Jason is recovering from what he was suffering.
  • It's great!

    Again a really great episode of my favorite show on TV right now! In this one you get some more insight to Tim and Billy Riggins lifes and their relationship as brothers. Of course a lot of other stuff is going on as well, and it's just another gripping episode. I hope FNL gets a second season.
  • I don't know how long this series can keep it up...

    This has been the most impressive new show I've seen in a while. And this episode has been the best one so far. Some light and some heavy drama mix well to give the viewer a reason to make this a series not to be missed.

    The most impressive aspect of Crossing the Line was the writers' ability to tackle sex, infidelity, drugs, and family drama without relying on cliche, or being too preachy. Character development and tension were at all-time highs this episode, making it seem more like a feature-length movie than a TV show. It makes you wonder how long the writers can keep it up at this level without burning out.

    My favorite part of the show was Jason Street's quad rugby debut. Added to it the fact that he's not medically ready to begin heavy contact activities. Then throw in the final clincher that his two friends in the audience are betraying him, and he knows it. Good stuff.

    Crash's use of steriods, and the issue of where he's going to come up with the money to fund his new habit, add to the drama. Someone (Matt, his church, his mother) is going to get hurt bad there. As well in as the Riggins' family feud fueled by the return of Tyra. Then the coach's daughter is contemplating a date with the starting quarterback, who's anything but your stereotypical star athlete. Top it all off with stellar acting by Kyle Chandleras he awkwardly attempts offering fatherly advice to his daughter Julie, and you've got an incredible episode.

    It's no wonder the critics love this show. Now where are the ratings?moreless
  • Another great episode. This series is truly underappreciated.

    This was a great episode. Tami has a daughter(Julie) that is a sophomore and the potential star quarterback (Matt Saracen) has asked her daughter out and in the middle of that she gets to hear sexual horror stories from girls her daughter's age. That is just priceless. :) The talk that Coach Taylor had with Julie was really great as well, those were some really cool moments. It was nice to see Jason get out there and be competitive. There was a brief moment of silence when he fell down in his chair but he was fine. I'm happy that Jason knows the truth about Tim and Lyla and now he can move on with his life and maybe on to Tyra. I can't wait for Tyra to find out about Tim and Lyla. Smash Williams almost gave up getting the steroids. He had a change of heart after Matt saw him messing with a register drawer, but now he's stealing from his church. That really made me sad. They think they are helping him with his SAT's but he's using the money for steriods. I'll be watching next week.moreless
Robert Parish

Robert Parish


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Robert Boothby

Robert Boothby


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Todd Caschette

Todd Caschette


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Kevin Rankin

Kevin Rankin


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Derek Phillips

Derek Phillips

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Liz Mikel

Liz Mikel

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    • Jason: I gotta ask you something.
      Lyla: Okay.
      Jason: Is there something happening between you and Riggins, Lyla?
      Lyla: No! Why would you even say that Jason?
      Jason: 'Cause I saw you in the parking lot the other night.
      Lyla: You saw us. Doing what?
      Jason: I don't know. No—Nothing I guess.
      Lyla: That's crazy. I love you. Jason, you know that don't you?
      Jason: I do. I just had to ask. I'm sorry.

    • Mrs. Williams: I'm gonna say this as plain as I know how. I ain't got no twelve hundred dollars. How about you try studying for your SAT's the old fashion way? Quit running around with them fast tailed galls and get your lazy ass upstairs and start reading. How's that for your SAT prep course?
      Smash Williams: I wouldn't come asking for something like this if I didn't need it. Now look they tutor you. They give you practice test and quizzes and teach you tips you can't teach yourself. I need help momma. Please.

    • Tami: Are you okay, April?
      April: My Panther wants me to do a three-way.
      Tami: Oh.
      April: Yeah, and--
      Tami: Hey, you know what; I'm just gonna close this door.
      (Tami closes her office door)
      April: He says that all the Rally girls do it. You know, I know a ton who have, I just, I haven't, but I really like him. And uh—And he says that if I do it I'll be his girlfriend, so…

    • Landry: Matt, that's the thing you're not listening to me. If you look at a girl like a geometry proof the answer is just right in front of you. It's your job to find the missing variable. You gotta solve for x.
      Matt: Yeah, um, that's actually algebra.
      Landry: That's actually not the point.

    • Matt: Have you, um, you haven't maybe thought about um, maybe, what I, what I asked you the other night about maybe going out.
      Julie: Uh, yeah, yeah. I'm considering.
      Matt: Considering.
      Julie: I-I just--
      Matt: No, no. That's great.

    • Jason: I'm ready. I told you I'm ready.
      Phil: Jason, you're not ready.
      Jason: Phil come on. Everyday it's about how--how great my progress has been, how unusual I am. What's the worse that could happen, huh? I fall out of my chair and break my neck, oh wait that already happened didn't it.
      Phil: You could tear your rotator cuff. You can get a concussion. Worst case scenario, your fusion's still healing. You don't seem to know what that means so let me spell it out for you. Those little bits of bone are all that's protecting your spinal cord at your injury site. You know how you can use your hands, screw up your fusion, no more grip, then what? I want you to think long and hard about this before you do it.

    • Tami: So, uh, could I talk to you for a second?
      Julie: (sighs)You're just freaking out because I got asked on a date.
      Tami: I'm not freaking out. I'm not freaking out. I think--I think it's great. I think it's nice. I'm just uh…
      Julie: Freaking out.
      Tami: No. I mean I sit in that counselor's chair all day and you know I kinda get a sense of what goes on over there at that school. And I just want to make sure that you've, you know are comfortable
      Julie: I haven't even told him "yes" yet.
      Tami: Okay, good. I mean, oh…

    • Herc: Just 'cause we're crippled, don't mean we have to take the crumbs.

    • Tami: Julie get off the phone.
      Coach Taylor: Now! How's that?
      Tami: Oh, that's very good.

    • Coach Taylor: All right, listen up. I'm supposed to give you some fatherly and wise advice at this time in your life. Listen up, if you're wondering if a boy's thinking about you, he's not. He's thinking about sex or he's hungry, those are the only two options.
      Julie: Are you trying to be funny?
      Coach Taylor: No, I'm not finished, listen to me. Boys think about sex every single minute of the day. That's what they do, that's why they lie. They're gonna leave you waiting around for them to call and they won't call. They're gonna be cruel and they're gonna be misleading, and your mother wanted me to add this, that by in large football players are the worst offenders, however, I think that it pretty much crosses all lines.
      Julie: Are you done?
      Coach Taylor: You are beautiful, you are sensitive, you are sweet and I don't want to see you get hurt.
      Julie: I love you too, dad.

    • Julie: So, it's pretty obvious that both of you have a sudden weird curiosity into my social life, so in interest of full disclosure I would like to tell both of you, that I'm going on a date with Matt Saracen, time and place to be announced. Good night.
      Coach Taylor: Good night, hon.
      Tami: Good night, sweetheart.

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    • Music in the Episode:

      Explosions in the Sky - Glittering Blackness
      The Stooges - Search and Destroy
      Iron and Wine - Dead Man's Will


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