Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 6

El Accidente

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on DirecTV

Episode Recap

There is a reporter on TV reporting on the Voodoo Tatom eligibility case that is going before the Texas District High School Athletic Association for a judgment. If he is found ineligible then Voodoo Tatom will be kicked off the team and Dillon will lose the victory versus Arnett Mead.

At the Sandwich Shop Matt Saracen and Landry Clarke are hanging out with a kid named Kaster. Smash Williams introduces Matt to a girl. Kaster makes a smart remark about Smash and the football players as Matt goes over to talk to Smash. Voodoo Tatom walks in and says he wants a burger and fries. Smash is upset that Voodoo is there and says he has a problem with him being there. Voodoo makes a racial remark about Reyes and then the Dillon football players stand up and get in the face of Voodoo and his friends. Voodoo tries to make Tim flinch but Tim steps in-between Voodoo and warns him about starting trouble. Voodoo and his friends leave. The decision on Ray Voodoo Tatom's eligibility is announced on TV and they haven't come to a conclusion on it. They did not issue a final ruling. Landry and Kaster walk over to Matt and ask him if he needs a ride but Matt says that he's going to stay there a minute and talk to the other football players. Kaster makes a remark about football players and how meaningless a football game is.

Reyes is upset by all the remarks Kaster made and goes after him outside. Reyes confronts Kaster and then pushes him; he's offended by Kaster calling him and his friends dumb football players. Reyes then starts pushing and then beating Kaster on the ground. Smash and Tim come out and break up the fight. Matt and Landry are attending to Kaster on the ground.

At football practice Matt Saracen is running practice as the quarterback. Ray Voodoo Tatom is complaining to Coach Taylor that he isn't getting any snaps.

Matt asks Reyes about what happened with him and Kaster. Reyes just tells Matt that Kaster dissed them and Matt was confused because he didn't understand why they would fight over what Kaster said. The police show up at the football field and ask for Bobby Reyes. Reyes is arrested on the practice field; he is placed in handcuffs in the middle of practice and taken away.

Tami Taylor is speaking to Tyra Collette about her failing Algebra. Tyra tells Tami that she's going to go away to California and get her GED later. Tyra tells Tami that she doesn't want to be stuck in a small town and that she doesn't want to be like her; Tyra then leaves. Tami is slightly frustrated with the little meeting that they had. Kurt Kaster's mother comes into Tami's office. His mother needs to pick up his assignments to bring to the hospital and makes a few remarks to Tami about how the football player will not get in trouble and that she should know that because she's the coach's wife. Tami is confused by her remarks but Kaster's mother abruptly thanks Tami and leaves.

Coach Taylor is speaking to Matt, Smash and Tim about what happened and he's disappointed because of all the other things he has to deal with. Coach Taylor tells the three captains that they are going to have to look out for the other players when they are out.

Lyla Garrity is visiting Jason Street and she asks the nurse for extra time in the weight room for Jason. Jason makes a joke about Lyla visiting and tells her that they have a nickname for her because she's an advocate for Jason. Jason tells Lyla that he's horny and Lyla says that she's never heard him talk like that. A nurse, Francine, walks in as Jason is putting his arms around her. Lyla gets off of Jason and walks out of the room.

Tim Riggins and his brother are outside under the hood fixing his truck. Lyla Garrity comes over to visit Tim and tells him that they need to stop the affair that they are having. Lyla tells Tim that Jason is changing and is acting different and better. Tim Riggins is disappointed but Lyla tells him that he knew it was going to end.

The nurse, Francine, tells Jason Street that it's not medically safe for him to have sex. Jason tells the nurse Francine that she knows how to break a guy's heart.

Tami is talking to Coach Taylor about the fight and she wants to know what is going to happen to Reyes. They begin to argue about the situation when Julie walks up.

Tyra Collette knocks on the door at Tim's house. Tim Riggins answers the door and tells her she can walk in. Bart Oliver asked Tyra out and she tells Tim about it, but Tim isn't jealous. Tim really doesn't seem to care anymore what Tyra does. Tyra calls him a name and walks out. (the phone rings) Jason calls Tim up and says that he needs him to come down to the Rehab Center to talk.

Buddy Garrity is driving with Coach Taylor to go see Reyes at the police station. Buddy tells Coach Taylor that one of Voodoo's family members said that they met together. Coach Taylor says he doesn't want to lie about meeting with Voodoo earlier then they were supposed to meet. Coach Taylor and Buddy Garrity make it to the jail. Reyes tells him the story about being at the sandwich shop. Coach Taylor tells him that he had no right to cause physical harm to anyone no matter what he said about the football team. Kaster then lies and says that Kaster called him a "wetback" but it was Voodoo Tatom that called him that. Reyes tells Coach Taylor that he was trying to control his temper and then he looks Coach Taylor in the eye and tells him that he is telling the truth about what happened.

Tim shows up at the rehab clinic to visit Jason. Tim tells Jason that he hitched a ride because his truck isn't running. Jason is upset and tells him that he has only visited him once in six weeks. Jason describes his days at the rehab and how hard it is for him to deal with his life. He tells Tim that his grace period is over.

Bobby Reyes is pleading his case on camera in an interview. He says that Kaster called him and his family racist names. Tami Taylor doesn't believe Reyes's story about what happened as she's watching the interview with Reyes. Tami tells Coach Taylor about how it was speaking with Kaster's mother. Coach Taylor believes that Reyes was provoked and that's why he acted the way he did.

The team is still debating Matt's social life as they are walking down the hall. Matt Saracen is confronted by Landry Clarke and says that Reyes is lying. Landry believes that Matt can do something about what Reyes said. Matt continues to tell Landry that he doesn't have the power that he thinks he has.

Tim comes by to visit Jason again. Jason is in the weight room doing his rehab; Tim is spotting Jason as he lifts. Tim says that he'll take Jason out somewhere and that he wants to take him out tonight.

Coach Taylor and Buddy Garrity make it to the building for their meeting with the Athletic Association. Coach Taylor tells Buddy Garrity that he's not going to lie about meeting Voodoo Tatom but Buddy insists that Coach Taylor stick to the plan on not getting in trouble. Forrest Aiken is the administrator that will be questioning Buddy and Coach. Buddy and Forrest used to play football together and are all smiles and handshakes. Forrest tells them that everything will be just fine.

The ruling from the Athletic Administration is announced over the intercom at school. It is announced that Ray Tatom is deemed eligible and that the victory will stand. Everyone is cheering in the hallways. Everyone except Landry Clarke who is disappointed that his friend was beat up and everything is going the well for the football players.

Tim is lifting Jason up out the wheelchair and into his truck, but then Lyla sees Tim and Jason outside and wants to know what they are doing. Tim tells Lyla that he's going on a ride and that he's taking Jason out with him. Jason asks Lyla to let the rules go and to come with them. Tim, Lyla, and Jason are out driving and Jason is happy to be away from the hospital and out on the "open road". Tim goes into a little shop to get something to drink. Jason tells Lyla that he's really glad she came and then they are kissing in the truck. Tim walks out to the truck and sees them kissing and tells them that he's low on money. Lyla walks into the store with Tim and he complains to her about watching them kiss. Lyla and Tim decide that it's Jason's night and that they are not going to ruin it. They all make it to the lake and Tim picks Jason up and carries him over by the water.

Matt is eating a burger at the sandwich shop when Julie Taylor comes up and asks him where the other one is. Matt says that they are not talking and that it's about Reyes. Julie tells Matt that he should talk to Landry because they look pathetic without each other. Matt walks over to Landry and tells him that he has a lot of pressure and that it's not easy for him to accuse him of anything. Reyes walks by and makes a comment to Matt and Landry but Landry gets upset. Landry then walks up to Reyes and says that if he wasn't on the team that he would be in jail right now; he tells Reyes that he's not afraid of him. Reyes does not do anything to Landry and tells him that he's not worth it and walks away. Landry then attacks Reyes from behind. Matt grabs Landry and breaks it up and tells Reyes to go home. Landry then tells Matt that Kaster was right about him and that Matt is one of "them" now.

Jason is holding Lyla on a boat with Tim as the sun is setting.

Tami Taylor congratulates Coach Taylor on the Voodoo decision. Coach Taylor tells Tami that the decision could've gone either way. Matt Saracen shows up at Coach Taylor's house and Julie Taylor answers the door. Matt asks her about her dance practice and then asks for Coach Taylor. Julie gets her dad and Matt says he needs to talk to him about Kaster and Reyes. Matt tells Coach that Kaster didn't say anything racist and that Voodoo called Reyes a wetback and not Kaster. Matt tells the Coach that he was confused about what was right for the team and what was right.

Coach Taylor goes to Kaster's house to talk about what happened after he spoke with Matt. Coach Taylor apologizes about what happened but Kaster is afraid that he'll get beat up when he comes back to school by more football players. Coach Taylor guarantees that nothing will happen to him.

Tim, Jason and Lyla are hanging out talking and laughing. Tim says that being best friends was always supposed to be more important then football. Jason says, no, it wasn't but it is now.

Coach Taylor has Reyes in his office and he's extremely upset with Reyes for looking at him in the eye and lying. Coach Taylor kicks Reyes off the team. He suggests to Reyes that he goes to the guidance counselors office and work on his anger problems.

During football practice Matt is running practice as the quarterback. Voodoo Tatom is playing defense and is upset and asking Coach Taylor why he isn't playing quarterback.

Tami and Coach Taylor are in bed when there is a knock on the door. It's Buddy Garrity and he's not upset about Reyes being kicked off the team but he does have news that Voodoo is gone because they reopened his school in Louisiana. Voodoo Tatom told the media the truth about being recruited and that the Arnett Mead game is going to be a forfeit.

Tim and Lyla are dropping Jason off to an angry staff at the Rehab Clinic. Phil takes Jason inside on his wheelchair but Jason is happy and jokes and says that they'll do it again. Lyla tells Tim that Jason can never know what happened between them. Tim says that he understands that they can not tell Jason what happened.

Upstairs, Jason is looking out the window and he can see Tim and Lyla hugging each other outside the rehab. Jason looks at the way they are holding each other and has a suspicious look as he rolls himself back to his room.