Friday Night Lights

Season 1 Episode 6

El Accidente

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on DirecTV

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  • Nothing really struck me that much and it is quite disappointing for me to hear or see it this way:(

    Nothing really struck me that much and it is quite disappointing for me to hear or see it this way:( Well of all the episodes this would have to be the worst no offense. It didn't really catch me or pulled me in I believe that there must be more intimacy and just pull it off and just give episodes and would rock it!
  • First not out and out great episode

    The first disappointing episode of this show. Not that it's not good, it's just no where near the standards this show set in the first five episodes.

    For one thing, the Jason/Tim/Lillah triangle was a bit forced. I can see Jason and Regan going out for an afternoon, but having Lillah come along seems a bit forced. I guess we're setting up a huge blowout later when Jason figures out his girl and his best friend are fooling around on him.

    Meanwhile, the coach has to deal with the fallout from Voodoo. Everything looks to be going to well and in the final moment the bottom drops out. I kind of expected that since it seemed as if the show was having Coach Taylor get off the hook too easily for the recruitment of Voodoo.

    And finally, we have the Reyes plotline. It was good but not great and fairly predictable as well.
  • another great episode sprouse doesn't know what he is talking about.

    fantasticly written, more issues talked about in this episode. Themes of racism, the development of the characters and the relationships continue.
    In this episode pressure mounts over the Texas High School Athletic Administration's investigation into whether the Dillon Panthers illegally recruited flashy QB Voodoo Tatom. Meanwhile, Reyes brutally assaults one of Saracen's best "friend"; and Riggins and Lyla spring the injured Street out of the hospital for a surprise “field trip.” Towards the end of this episode Jason Street also begins to grow suspicions between Tim riggins and Lyla and is left pondering this at the closing scenes of the episode.
  • Reyes got what he deserved.

    I hate pricks like Reyes. I was never into sports in high school, and could care less about how the football team was doing. Reyes is just an over-privlaged \"defensive star\" that probably wouldn\'t make it to college anyway. The kid he beat the crap out of knows it. But that really is how high school goes. The star football players get more respect and recognition than the straight A students that are already prepared for the world outside of high school. Saracen did the right thing by supporting his freind, and the coach did the right thing by kicking Reyes off the team.

    In the end I hope this show just proves that football is just a game. Even though winning state championships is great, it should only boost morale. The real issues should be the future of the kids, and not about the record of some high school fooball team.
  • Friday Night Lights continues to be a good show that people need to discover.

    The only reason why I won't give this episode a 10 is for the way they handled Voodoo Tatom. It just feels like he instantly went back home to Louisiana. Everything else was just perfect. Matt is torn between being on the football team and his friends that were with him before he became the starting quarterback. That is always a great storyline. I hope Matt doesn't ditch Landry. I didn't think that Jason would be the one to discover the truth about Tim and Lyla but it looks like he has a clue about their relationship now. Tyra's visit with the guidance counselor was done great. Tyra wants to go to California and get away from Dillon. Then there is good ole' Buddy Garrity. His friend was doing the Voodoo Tatom investigation and the team was cleared for "recruiting" him but the situation still fell apart because Voodoo is going back home. This show is much more interesting when things go wrong but I will continue to cheer good things for this team.