Friday Night Lights

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2010 on The 101



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    • Slammin Sammy Meade radio voiceover: Are the Lions lambs headed for a slaughter or Cinderella at the dance?

    • Grandma Saracen: You come over here I want to hug your neck!
      Landry: Okay!
      Grandma Saracen: I want you to pursue your music. That Crucific-whatever it is.
      Landry: Crucifictorious.
      Grandma Saracen: Yes. You love it. You should do it while you're at college. And I have your songs. Got them in my MP player. I can listen to them whenever I want.

    • (Billy has just asked Coach Taylor to take him on as an assistant coach)
      Billy: I respect you sir. I respect what you do. You're a molder of men. And with my baby and all, I think it would be good for me to be around someone like you. Just give me a chance.

    • Billy: I'm thinking about coaching. You know, I figure, since I coached you...
      Tim: Coach was my coach.
      Billy: Right. Well, I just want to change my life a little bit.

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